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Opeth bassist launches new death metal band

From Opeth bassist Martin Mendez comes a new death metal project called White Stones. Today, the band has announced their signing with Nuclear Blast and revealed that their debut album, Kuarahy, will arrive on March 20. Martin Mendez comments about the signing: "I feel very proud to release this album and being part of the Nuclear Blast catalogue couldn't be better!" "It doesn't happen very often, that when a manager is coming to the office to discuss matters about a band and then says: 'Would you be interested in listening to this? A new band I am working with'. Well if the manager is Andy Farrow, you know that this has to be good! Already after listening to two songs, we knew that this was special and that we wanted to work with this band! White Stones is the perfect band for you when you are into old Opeth and Morbid Angel; looking forward to unleash this beast," says Jaap Wagemaker, A&R Manager at Nuclear Blast. The creative process for White Stones' debut album Kuarahy began during a year-long break Opeth took after their 'Sorceress' tour, as a means of unwinding by exploring new avenues of creativity. Initially that's all it was ever meant to be. "I've always written music at home but never had the confidence to do anything like this" says Mendez, "I never wrote a song, never presented something I wrote for Mikael [Åkerfeldt, Opeth singer/songwriter]," he continues. "I didn't have any direction, I came up with the first song for fun. White Stones has nothing to do with Opeth, I see no relation between the two. I played 'Kuarahy' to Mikael a few months ago, he really liked it and was happy for me. Everyone in the band has side-projects, it's important. We tour so much you can become consumed by it; it has been really nice to do something different. White Stones has renewed my strength and energy." Named after his birthplace in Uruguay, the record represents a return Mendez's roots. "I feel strongly connected to Uruguay still," he reflects. "I wanted to write music related to that - the sun on the Uruguayan flag I transformed into the White Stones logo; there are a lot of small things that connect the record to that place. 'Kuarahy' is the native Uruguayan people's word for 'Sun'," Mendez comments. Kuarahy was recorded at the Farm Of Sounds studios in Barcelona and produced by Mendez, while Jamie Gomez at UK's Orgone Studios provided mixing and mastering. Kuarahy track listing: 01. Kuarahy 02. Rusty Shell 03. Worms 04. Drowned In Time 05. The One 06. Guyra 07. Ashes 08. Infected Soul 09. Taste Of Blood 10. Jasy

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