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Valleys sign with Tragic Hero Records

Official press release: Tragic Hero Records is proud to welcome North Carolina based Valleys to their roster. After overcoming emotional chaos and tragedy when they lost their vocalist (Mikey Clement) in a fatal car accident in 2016, they regrouped and began writing music which helped them to endure that tough time. The result of their efforts led to a newfound perseverance and culminated to what will become their most explosive release to date, Fearless. The first single, "Bunkatsu" (which in Japanese means "split" or "division") is an introduction to an album brimming with socio-cultural, political themes: and expresses the band's disdain for the conflicts and separation found in today's society. "Bunkatsu" is a plea for humans to come together as a community and break the "divide" that keeps them constantly at odds. Much of today's world paints a picture that is black and white and tells the stories of two opposing sides. Valleys believes in seeing the bigger picture and asks people to not turn a blind eye to anyone's struggle. In 2005, Raleigh was the city that started it all for Tragic Hero with the signing of Post-Hardcore powerhouse, Alesana. Tragic Hero founder, Tommy LaCombe had this to say: "It's been many years since I've worked with a band from my hometown. I see great potential in Valleys; I've always loved North Carolina's unique brand of metal, and Valleys is going to continue to spread that sound and hopefully influence others to come. I love this album and am thankful it was produced (with the band) by Travis Haire (Tragic Hero alum, Knives Exchanging Hands), and who has grown to become a great friend both professionally and personally." Fearless leaves nothing to the imagination. Valleys refuse to be silent, or silence those who have continually been ostracized after questioning what they have been told. Life is too short not to be yourself and speak your ultimate truth. Valleys looks to portray a story of collective truths, and stress the importance of being fearless, in every aspect of life. Fearless will be released on October 11th, 2019 via Tragic Hero Records with pre-orders available now at Merchbucket. Listen to "Bunkatsu" here:

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