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Creeping Death announce new album, premiere video

Official press release: Texas death metal unit Creeping Death will unleash their Wretched Illusions full-length debut worldwide via Entertainment One on September 27th. Summoned forth from the fertile metal grounds of the Lone Star State, the DIY-subculture bred miscreants of Creeping Death are staging their own sort of musical Alamo, entrenched with their fierce dedication to traditional death metal brutality and the fury of classic thrash. The band's blistering new full-length platter, Wretched Illusions, raises the stakes with undeniable and unrelenting anthems like "Bloodlust Contamination," "World Decay," "Corroded From Within," and album opener "Ripping Through Flesh." Each of the record's ten tracks is a certified ripper, keeping those baseball bat swings coming, over and over. Devotees of influential death metal merchants like Blood Red Throne (Norway), Gorguts (Canada), and Grave (Sweden) have a new American band to champion. Creeping Death draw liberally from the template set by those bands along with the speed of early Sepultura (Brazil) and the hammering epic crush of Bolt Thrower (England). All of these classic sounds are re-forged together and reflected through Creeping Death's own fresh and unique prism. Wretched Illusions is the kind of jaw-dropping, rifftastic debut that could only come from road hardened chemistry, a collaborative and improvisation heavy rehearsal space, and the lessons of two well received EPs and a tape trading era nostalgic demo. 2016's Sacrament Of Death and Specter Of War were short bursts of aggressive pummeling that earned the band impressive festival slots and tours with Judiciary, Momentum, and Homewrecker. Produced by close comrade Daniel Schmuck (Power Trip, Messengers) and mixed and mastered by burgeoning tastemaker Arthur Rizk (Ghostmane, Cavalera Conspiracy), Wretched Illusions is a confident missive of percussive bombast. It's beyond Creeping Death's already impressive early rumblings - it's fast, challenging, and decisive. In advance of the record's release, Creeping Death is pleased to unveil the official video for "Bloodlust Contamination." Comments the band, "With this album, we really wanted to challenge ourselves and take our sound to the next level. Wretched Illusions is more in your face, more metal, but still 100% Creeping Death. The track 'Bloodlust Contamination' and the video accompanying it should give you a good sense of the intensity of the new LP. We're incredibly grateful and excited to make the most of all the opportunities presented to us as of late and we'll see you on the road." View the video clip, courtesy of Revolver Magazine, at this location: Creeping Death's Wretched Illusions will be released on CD, digital, and vinyl formats. Wretched Illusions track listing: 01. Ripping Through Flesh 02. Captivity 03. Bloodlust Contamination 04. Sinner's Torch 05. Corroded from Within 06. Peeled From Reality 07. World Decay 08. Wretched Illusions 09. Dawn Of Time 10. Consumed

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