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Capture (ex-Capture The Crown) debut first single from new LP

Official press release: Out of the ashes of beloved Australian metalcore outfit Capture The Crown comes a rebirth, with the formation of Capture, which brings together original CTC frontman Jeff Wellfare, drummer Manny Dominick (Ghost Town, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa) and bassist Erik Vaughn Weatherford (Oh, Manhattan), for a completely new creative force that represents the union of three singular talents whose own roads twisted and turned to reach this point. Propelled by the promise and potential of a clean slate together, Capture is now set to release their debut effort Lost Control on August 16th via Artery Recordings. The album's first single, "No Cure" is now streaming everywhere. A music video for the song is premiering on Alternative Press. Of the new single, Jeff says, "No Cure was written and recorded during a hyper-politicized period where religion was the focus of negative basis, the world seemed separated into several groups. There was much debate on the topic and it resonated with us; we strived to twist the ideology of these issues in a way that would open people's minds to what is really important to them regardless of what race, religion, sex etc. No Cure may come across like a backhand to religion but it is much deeper than that and can be perceived as a deeper reflection of everyone's inner battles. In saying that we hope everyone can take something different away from the song. For me personally, it's about self-empowerment, inner-demons and overcoming the obstacles in front of you." In speaking about the new video, Erik says, "We worked hand in hand with our director, Embryo, to help bring this concept to life. It was very important to us to show the duality between self-empowerment and relying solely on one's beliefs in difficult situations. It's such a fine line and a personal battle essentially within your self with this other side of you. We wanted to bring that battle to life in a cinematic way while doing justice to this prevalent theme from our debut track 'No Cure'." "All three of us are from entirely different backgrounds, yet this album brought us together for a new chapter," adds Erik. "We've got a relatable story to tell." "The idea was to do something completely different," explains Jeff. "We wanted to test ourselves, experiment, and push the envelope. We came out with this roller coaster of a record that has something for everyone. This is a fresh sound. It's a fresh start, full stop."

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