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Cadaver return with first new song in 15 years

True legends never die. All hail the return of Cadaver. Exploding back into action for the first time since 2004, founder member and Cadaver mastermind, Anders Odden (Satyricon, Order) is back to reclaim his throne as one of Europe's true death metal pioneers. To open up the new chapter of Cadaver, a brand new track "Circle of Morbidity" is now available in video form via YouTube. This first track also features guest vocals from Jeff Becerra (Possessed). Regarding working with Jeff Becerra on their first new track, "Circle Of Morbidity," Odden tells us, "When I heard Possessed for the first time in 1985, I knew this was my kind of music. To have the original creator of death metal on our comeback single is huge for me, I am beyond thrilled to show everybody what we have been cooking up this time around." Becerra says, "It was a great honor being asked by Anders to sing backup vocals on 'Circle of Morbidity'. Of course, working with Anders Odden & Dirk Verbeuren is like a fantastic nightmare, brutal and heavy as hell. Congratulations to Anders Odden/Cadaver on this brand new single. Amazing song, thank you!" Emerging from the fertile maelstrom of the late '80s metal underground, Cadaver were among the first Norwegian extreme metal bands to gain any recognition away from their homeland. With a sound that mixed the raging brutality of Possessed and Death to a distinctly Norwegian sense of discord and disquiet, Odden and his teenage band mates secured a deal with Earache Records sub-label, Necrosis and released their debut album Hallucinating Anxiety in 1990 (initially as a split with Swedish kindred spirits, Carnage). A more progressive and adventurous but no less vicious follow-up, ...In Pains, arrived in 1992: but for all their momentum and unique, malevolent charm, the first Cadaver line-up was ultimately doomed to disintegrate barely a year later. Nonetheless, their status as cult heroes was beyond dispute. Anders Odden, meanwhile, has been steadily accumulating material for a new Cadaver release for the last decade. The final piece of the puzzle fell into place when Anders forged a new friendship and artistic partnership with legendary Megadeth (and former Soilwork) drummer, Dirk Verbeuren. "In my heart I have always had the notion that Cadaver exists somehow," Anders explains. "Dirk played session live work for Satyricon on the 70,000 Tons Of Metal cruise in 2014 and we got to know each other then. He talked about how much he loved Cadaver and I then told him that I had been recording demos for 10 years without a, being the guy he is, he then says, 'Send the songs to me!'" The result of that impromptu collaboration is Edder & Bile – the first album from this brand new incarnation of Anders Odden's original, extreme metal vision. Cadaver are currently talking to a number of record labels about the release of Edder & Bile later this year.


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Not to be confused with the immense talent of the doom band Kadavar. This Cadaver is hard and heavy. Both are worth the listen

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somebody finally woke that cadaver

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