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Baroness preview new song and album title

After four days of posting the Pantone color values for their existing albums via social media, Georgia metal/rock band Baroness have uploaded a brief preview of a new track along with two more Pantone colors. Said colors are 871 C and 8 C, which represent gold and "cool gray." Is seems likely that their next album will be titled Gold and Gray, or Gold and Silver (a double album, perhaps). For now, here's 15 seconds of new music:
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871 c & 8 c

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anonymous 3/8/2019 10:37:31 AM

was not asked for

carveyournamein 3/8/2019 10:50:55 AM


anonymous 3/8/2019 11:28:30 AM

Why name your wannabe foo fighters tribute band after a gijoe doll.

anonymous 3/8/2019 12:00:10 PM

Despite the nay sayers, this is awesome news. I've been looking forward to a new release from them for a while now!

anonymous 3/8/2019 12:34:39 PM

There used to be a sludge band called Baroness, killer riffs and mountain man vocals. I loved them.

fourthgradecocktease 3/8/2019 12:42:16 PM

^ lol go listen to Red album then, nerd

anonymous 3/8/2019 1:00:46 PM

people who like baroness also like shoving bars up soap up their reares

anonymous 3/8/2019 1:01:14 PM

Todd Jones here. I have gold and grey pubes

anonymous 3/8/2019 1:13:22 PM

John Dyer Baizley here, I was a mountain man and played killer riffs but now I like lavender soap and honey tea. Also all of my artwork is the same image with different colors so eat shit!

anonymous 3/8/2019 2:07:48 PM

their last album was such shit I have incredibly low expectations for this

anonymous 3/8/2019 2:17:48 PM

No. No. No.

anonymous 3/8/2019 7:14:55 PM

Dudes who like to pay $700 for original artwork that was started and finished within 30 mins are stoked.

anonymous 3/11/2019 9:09:33 AM

Let's hope we get a good mix/master on this, Purple was over compressed so badly it's unlistenable

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