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Pyralis (Disembodied, ex-Too Pure To Die) premieres new song

Pyralis band Minneapolis based metal/hardcore act Pyralis has signed with Good Fight Music and released a new music video for their newest single, "Daggers," via Metal Injection. The single is off an all-new EP being released on November 30 via Good Fight Music titled Everything Is Emptiness. Pyralis formed in the second half of 2016 and features current and former members of Disembodied, Torch The Spires, and Too Pure To Die.
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"We recorded the video in the basement of the house that I'm living in this past August," says the band. "My roommate went to film school so we figured we'd put his talent to use. Based on our limited resources the video far exceeded our expectations. Thematically the video is the fire and blood you experience going thru a breakup with someone you love. I feel like its a theme that everyone can relate to. We picked this song because it is the first song we wrote and I feel like it captured the raw intensity of this band." Everything Is Emptiness track listing: 1. Axegrind 2. Cryptic Vice 3. Blacklustre 4. Daggers 5. Be^te Noire 6. Spectrophelia

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