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Novembers Doom signs with Prophecy Productions

Official press release: From early on, Novembers Doom has left its mark on the global metal scene and become a renowned musical force. Formed in 1989 by vocalist and lyricist Paul Kuhr, it has evolved from mournfully slow compositions into an entity that defies categorization, combining varied musical styles and elements without abandoning their roots. From 1995's Amid Its Hallowed Mirth through 2005's The Pale Haunt Departure to Hamartia in 2016, the group has constantly reinvented itself to cultivate a unique style of death doom that makes them immediately recognizable. Leaping nimbly from peak to peak, the musicians have gained a worldwide following, performing shows and festivals throughout North America, Europe, and South America to critical acclaim. With ambitions to continue building upon their grandiose vision, Kuhr and co. are now looking forward to their 30th anniversary. By signing to Prophecy Productions and preparing their highly anticipated next album, Novembers Doom hope to expand their sonic scope and audience even further. "In our long career," comments Kuhr, "we have learned a great deal and made many mistakes. Never before have we felt so welcome, and honestly part of something that we feel has the greatest potential for our music to reach more people. We are excited to take this leap forward as we begin to write the next chapter of our amazing journey, proud to join the Prophecy family."

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