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I Am Abomination to crowdfund new album

Detroit, Michigan progressive metal/post-hardcore outfit I Am Abomination has resurfaced to inform fans that they intend to crowdfund a new album. Here's the official word:
"First off, we would like to apologize for keeping you in the dark for so long on social media. A few years back we had plans of doing another full length album. We were extremely excited to get the ball rolling but due to unforeseen circumstances, unfortunately we could not go through with it at that time. "As time went on, we were ready to chalk it up and let IAA be a thing of the past. That realization hurt because we truly love creating music for our fans and also to push ourselves as musicians to create something amazing. Flash forward a few years later and we can see that our fans clearly still have an interest in a new album. With that being said, here we are in 2018 where music is consumed in a completely different way and we feel that albums have lost a lot of what makes them so special. "We have an idea... we don't just want to release a new album for you all. We want to provide you with an experience. We want you all to connect with the story we are trying to convey in a way that we feel will invoke the best emotional reaction. We are still brainstorming ways to do this but one thing is for sure, it will need to be funded. "We will need to pay software developers, studio musicians, recording costs, visual media designers, etc to chase this dream of providing a truly unique listening experience for the fans who deserve it so much for sticking with us even through this long period of inactivity. "It's do or die for this album at this point so in order for us to release the album the way we want we have chosen crowd-funding as a means to make it happen. We don't have a specific goal in mind yet because we are still figuring out the costs of everything involved but we absolutely need the support of everyone who wants this to happen. "This post will serve as a gauge for us to see how much actual interest there is in our fans participating in a crowd-funding campaign. If we determine there isn't enough interest left we are sadly going to have to pull the curtain closed for good. "If you have ever showed IAA to a friend that enjoyed us, please tag them. "If you feel passionate about IAA doing another full length album, please share this post. "Let's get the word out and see how much support we can rally behind this!"

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