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Killer Be Killed (Mastodon, Converge, etc.) working on new album

Killer Be Killed band Killer Be Killed, the 'supergroup' featuring Max Cavalera (Soulfly, ex-Sepultura), Troy Sanders (Mastodon), Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan), and Ben Koller (Converge, All Pigs Must Die), has already demoed ten tracks for their sophomore release. The news comes via Cavalera, who had the following to say during an interview with Metal Underground (see below):
"We already demoed for it; we got 10 songs out of it," he said. "[It's] fantastic. Troy [Sanders] is more involved, which is what I wanted from the beginning. So that's gonna be great."
The band's debut album was released in May 2014 and debuted at No. 58 on the Billboard 200 chart.
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anonymous 8/15/2018 8:39:10 AM

I wish greg puciato would go away

anonymous 8/15/2018 8:44:15 AM

Troy is the one I wanted to hear less of - can't stand his voice. More Greg, less Troy.

anonymous 8/15/2018 9:03:55 AM

"I wish greg puciato would go away" Same here. Get rid of this jerk.

anonymous 8/15/2018 9:29:36 AM

Less Max, more anyone else.

anonymous 8/15/2018 10:26:33 AM

Sheet or be rock

anonymous 8/15/2018 10:56:26 AM

Greg isn't going anywhere, jerks

anonymous 8/15/2018 11:12:24 AM

Max is always doing that pose with his hands up in every photo like he's shitting his pants after eating out some Brazilian guys ass

anonymous 8/15/2018 11:25:07 AM

wish this entire band would just go away. The final product does NOT equal the sum of its parts with this one.

anonymous 8/15/2018 11:29:22 AM

Greg isn't going anywhere, jerks<\\\\\\\\\ Posted by Greg himself.

anonymous 8/15/2018 11:30:24 AM

^ Greg pssy-poncho

anonymous 8/15/2018 11:40:16 AM

David Gunn, a.k.a. Yavid the Bando Commando slash Rambo a.k.a. the Pyrex Pirate here. You haven't learned your name through violence, nor have your earned your trust through silence. I have, because I live in Flint, MI, which is CRAZY. I don't know if you know this or not, but that's where KING is from, and it's CRAZY. Gonna do some squats with half of a Flint, MI (CRAZY) home on my back while transcribing Socrates, then its time to prowl the streets to catch a body.

anonymous 8/15/2018 11:58:31 AM

Max pretending Rosie O'Donnell was in front of him.

F___A___G___G___O___T 8/15/2018 12:01:16 PM

^ this is how a new meme is born

anonymous 8/15/2018 12:38:35 PM

The new Burial Invocation is really good.

anonymous 8/15/2018 1:41:20 PM

"F___A___G___G___O___T1 hour ago ^ this is how a new meme is born" How is a new meme born?

anonymous 8/15/2018 2:04:03 PM

rumour has it they are opening up for Chickenfoot on a nation wide Dad Rock Tour.

F___A___G___G___O___T 8/15/2018 3:07:30 PM

By superimposing the text onto the photo and it goes viral, then variations occur. Now go to bed and wake up tomorrow and get wise.

anonymous 8/15/2018 5:46:08 PM

Ben is also the drummer in the fantastic Mutoid Man.

anonymous 8/16/2018 6:11:21 AM

Is that Dale (digger) in the pic with them?

anonymous 8/16/2018 8:19:16 AM

Greg is a good dude. Also, he ruined Dillinger Escape Plan.

anonymous 8/16/2018 8:53:33 AM

"By superimposing the text onto the photo and it goes viral, then variations occur. Now go to bed and wake up tomorrow and get wise." ^ Hell yeah, nice man, hope this becomes a thing. Thanks.

anonymous 8/16/2018 11:17:03 AM

Greg pssy-otto is by far the weak link of this "supergroup"

anonymous 8/16/2018 9:35:29 PM

Possibly the worst band name in the world aside from Cannabis Corpse.

anonymous 8/17/2018 12:01:08 PM

right up there with Queen of Jeans, The Browning, and Neckbeer Deathrash whatever for list of worst band names of all time

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