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Xasthur signs with Prophecy Productions

Official press release: From the very beginning, Xasthur has left a deep impact on the U.S. black metal scene and evolved into becoming one of the genre's most notorious and mysterious acts. Starting as a one-man band, Xasthur has always been noted for its extreme introversion and commitment to dwelling in the shadows. Since 1995, Xasthur has been releasing records that have been viewed as mandatory listening within the scene. By the early 2010's, Creator Scott Conner, formerly known as Malefic, wanted to reach beyond black metal. Today, Scott pursues a different artistic vision, which is free of scene boundaries, with a more resonating ideology; 'doomgrass'. This self-coined term encompasses doom inspired vocals, disharmonic touches and a dark atmosphere while integrating instrumentation and complexity seen in folk genres such as blues and bluegrass. For this, Conner has changed his formula completely by opening up to a collaboration and establishing a three-person line up. The new compositions are dreamy, yet comprehensible pieces stripped down to three instruments crafting vast sonic landscapes. While Xasthur's past creations embraced more traditional black metal themes, Conner now has abandoned the genre completely, and uses his lyrics to tackle abysmal and explicit realism. In the pursuit of bringing their sound to new audiences, Xasthur's signing with Prophecy Productions' ever-expanding roster is the next logical step. Prophecy will launch this partnership with a new, limited edition EP that functions as an exclusive preview of Xasthur's upcoming full length, building on his new doomgrass style. The EP, Aestas Pretium MXVIII, will be sold exclusively on his forthcoming, extensive US tour - 30 dates, starting on July 21st, accompanying Six Organs of Admittance and Wino. In 2018, Xasthur is full of energy and ready to expand.


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