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Metalocalypse director in critical condition

Jon Schnepp, who served as the primary director of adult animated television series Metalocalypse, is currently in a California hospital battling a serious, albeit undisclosed, illness. On July 9, Schnepp tweeted that he was "recovering from being super sick this past week" and then revealed on July 13 that he was "going to be hospitalized for the next few days." Schnepp apparently took a turn for the worse soon thereafter, as that same day his girlfriend, Holly, stated that he was "in critical condition." The following day, a GoFundMe campaign was launched on his behalf by Holly, who provided the following details:
"Friends, Jon Schnepp is unconscious and in critical condition. I cannot tell you the details, but it is life-threatening. That's all I can tell you right now. I have been sharing with him how much all of you are rallying for him, and showing your incredible love and support. I've been sitting vigilantly beside him and whispering 'I love you Chimpnugget' over and over again in his ear, resting my head on his huge chest. This is the most challenging experience of my life, but knowing he is so loved helps heal my fractured heart. All of your well wishes have not gone unnoticed. If you can contribute anything to his medical bills, that will help us both. Much love to all of you."
In addition to helping design the Metalocalypse characters, Schnepp directed episodes during all four of the show's seasons. Schnepp has also worked on various other projects, providing a slew of services, including producer, director, voice actor, write, animator, and cinematographer. He is 51.


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anonymous 7/17/2018 12:41:38 AM

if the show were still in syndication this would've mattered... family mattered...

anonymous 7/17/2018 12:45:28 AM

You want our money, we want details. What are we gonna do here?

anonymous 7/17/2018 1:13:57 AM

Wake up, get better and get to work. God Bless

anonymous 7/17/2018 4:32:31 AM

Be poor Attend rallies to denounce universal healthcare Family members get seriously ill due to lack of timely medical attention Rack up insane medical bills — can't pay shit Hold motorcycle rallies to take other poor friends and family money Pay 10% of hospital and burial costs Next community member gets sick, rinse and repeat

anonymous 7/17/2018 4:48:51 AM

middle class kid go to state/community school and start some liberal arts degree listen to a lot of music, smoke weed, party, make some cool art graduate and do some restaurant shit for a few years totally used to living on couches, nasty floors develop metalocylpse idea, start making monet get a 2 bedroom apartment, get a girlfriend (made it bro)

anonymous 7/17/2018 4:50:51 AM

decline health insurance, life insurance, disability — lease new car instead making bank — busy as fck, no time for working out or physicals attending Grammys and all kinds of awards shows buy a house, still no insurance, too big of a hit contract rare shameful disease GF begs whole world for money while you lay powerless and embarrassed #estateplanning

anonymous 7/17/2018 6:08:36 AM

i heard from a reliable source he got.....bloodrocuted

anonymous 7/17/2018 3:37:05 PM

Hi guys... Tim Lambesis here... theres a reason why I called my band AS I LAY DYING...

truthstar 7/17/2018 8:57:42 PM

Hope the guy is ok but it's 2018 and healthcare is accessible so what's the deal.

anonymous 7/18/2018 1:14:52 PM


anonymous 7/18/2018 1:24:07 PM

its up to $84,000

anonymous 7/19/2018 10:02:27 AM

All the best brother. Get well soon

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