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Maynard James Keenan responds to rape allegations

Earlier this week, some accusations against Tool and A Perfect Circle vocalist Maynard James Keenan surfaced via Twitter. The poster alleges that she was raped by Keenan following an A Perfect Circle show in 2000. Keenan has now responded to the allegations as follows:
"Many thanks to those of you who saw right through this despicable false claim that only does damage to the #metoo movement. And shame on those of you who perpetuate this destructive clickbait. As for my delayed but un-required response, I had my phone off. You should try it."


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anonymous 6/28/2018 1:59:06 PM

Bill Cosby here, I believe you Maynard.

anonymous 6/28/2018 2:02:49 PM

apparently behemoth is going to get dragged into this too

anonymous 6/28/2018 2:22:09 PM

Maynard should worry less about his phone and more about putting out music that's not terrible.

anonymous 6/28/2018 2:22:27 PM

Tim went to prison on a technicality. let's not sit here and pretend he actually committed a 'crime' MAGA

anonymous 6/28/2018 2:24:18 PM

Reba from Code Orange here, we put out shittier music than Tool and should be headlining Juggalofest. Thinners of the Turd.

anonymous 6/28/2018 2:28:05 PM

Hey everyone, this is Tim Lambesis, it looks like this Maynard shit is going to blow over now, it sucks. I was hoping and praying and lifting today, thinking you guys would leave me alone for a minute.

anonymous 6/28/2018 2:28:21 PM

Me too... movement

anonymous 6/28/2018 2:33:38 PM

victim of the me too hysteria and in the same breath defends the movement. What a genius.

anonymous 6/28/2018 2:34:14 PM

Bill fro Skull Trophy here, can we get on this? Please stop asking about our vocalist being kicked out of his last band for fcking underaged girls, his girlfriend is getting stressed covering up for him.

anonymous 6/28/2018 2:51:43 PM

^^ I just googled/fb skull trophy and that entire band looks like pedos

anonymous 6/28/2018 3:30:25 PM

2000? The statute of limitations has run out on that one. Human memory is less reliable than we think. Most likely situation is that there was a Maynard fan who looked like him and took advantage of this young lady using drugs and alcohol.

anonymous 6/28/2018 3:33:37 PM

"Technicality" handing a guy money to kill your wife is not a technicality. It is illegal. Hence why he went to jail.

anonymous 6/28/2018 3:34:38 PM

How do you know? Maynard is a shady guy. Think about it. His lyrics are insane, dude sings about third eyes and LSD trips. He's a drug addict. Who knows what he did? He doesn't even know. He doesn't even write his own lyrics — he's a victim! A sick and nasty victim!

anonymous 6/28/2018 3:36:57 PM

Maynard never tried to kill his own wife. His drug of choice doesn't make him more masculine, only more feminine and soft, but teenagers like that and predator women. Maybe he should do some roids, would be interesting, but he has standards.

anonymous 6/28/2018 3:38:48 PM

in 2000 every one wanted to be like maynard, and Trevor from NIN. he is so generic, real easy to pull off his look with minimal make up.

anonymous 6/28/2018 3:42:59 PM

Tim Lambesis here, no technicality. I really did try to kill my wife. I plead guilty. I have made my peace with jesus. Only God can judge me. And the grammy board of voters. And the Dove award people. And brandan scheppeti (who is also a rapist)

united_ninety_three 6/28/2018 3:52:04 PM

Are the stupid AILD/Tim comments the same idiot? Delete.

anonymous 6/28/2018 4:25:25 PM

Aaron "Big c-ck" Bedard here, there appears to be some confusion about this "Final" European tour from my influential and positive hardcore band Bane. Allow me to clarify, this will be the FINAL chance to see Bane in Europe.. Last chance to dance kids, so represent until we return ofcourse for our 2019 package tour

anonymous 6/28/2018 5:45:38 PM

Todd Jones from Emmure here. I've been taking very wet shits all day. Yours truly, Fronz from As I Lay Dying

anonymous 6/28/2018 6:03:29 PM

The fake posters on here are at an all time low in terms of quality. Sad

anonymous 6/28/2018 6:03:54 PM

Guess Maynard went knuckle deep inside the borderline

anonymous 6/28/2018 6:24:22 PM

My name is Seth Rudesill, and Maynard stuck his tool in my booty hole back in the nineties

anonymous 6/28/2018 6:33:17 PM

Ok but when is he gonna apologize for raping my ears with the sounds of pseudo intellectual boring butt rock?

anonymous 6/28/2018 7:12:40 PM

Anyone in the industry knows he's a shady motherfcker. There's some truth to these claims.

anonymous 6/28/2018 7:36:05 PM

pretentious dildo

anonymous 6/28/2018 9:20:37 PM

Who is this Trevor from Nine Inch Nails?

snailfart 6/28/2018 10:50:07 PM


anonymous 6/28/2018 11:30:56 PM

i trust maynard. i dont know him. ive never met him. i trust him. i dont want this to be true.i could be impossibly blind.

genghisjohn 6/29/2018 12:37:16 AM

Kill the anons, Webby. Comments are beyond cringe.

anonymous 6/29/2018 2:27:07 AM

Webby here, I truly couldn't give less of a shit what you think.

anonymous 6/29/2018 4:38:26 AM

Bad music, bad person. Probably got bad breath too.

anonymous 6/29/2018 4:41:19 AM

^^ the only people who trust Maynard are those who have never met him. After you meet him you will NEVER trust him again!!!!

anonymous 6/29/2018 5:14:01 AM

That's just what a abuser would say

anonymous 6/29/2018 6:14:09 AM

How do you pronounce it, Caribbean or Caribbean?

anonymous 6/29/2018 6:44:55 AM

you mean, the guy who tours, but then suddenly stops for years in order to skirt any statue of limitations is accused of abuse? color me van-flipped.

anonymous 6/29/2018 6:45:28 AM

At the metal blade office we say carribean. I would know i work at mb. MAGA

anonymous 6/29/2018 7:44:29 AM

Good on you, Maynard. Don't apologize, don't give an inch to these people. Someone is pulling out abuse allegations on something that they claim happened 18 years ago? Come the fck on.

anonymous 6/29/2018 8:02:10 AM

POUNDmetoo movement? Go fck yourself gay. Noone wants another Tool record, go fcking make wine and get pegged up your fcking gay jerk.

anonymous 6/29/2018 8:03:59 AM

You can't call someone a f.aggot on here? It auto corrects it into gay? Hahahahahaha! Oh Lambgoat!

anonymous 6/29/2018 8:18:21 AM

I'm more interested in hearing about the Deftones safety allegations.

anonymous 6/29/2018 8:23:25 AM

> Good on you, Maynard. Don't apologize, don't give an inch to these people. Someone is pulling out abuse allegations on something that they claim happened 18 years ago? Come the fck on. That's what he did. He came the fck on her

anonymous 6/29/2018 8:24:09 AM

Maynard is an elitist c*nt. End thread

anonymous 6/29/2018 8:28:36 AM

A Perfect Creampie

anonymous 6/29/2018 9:04:30 AM

This story just described 100% of every band/artist in all genres of the entire music industry within every country around the globe - bar none. The takeaway from this is that girls will literally leave their boyfriends standing outside while they go onto a tour bus to watch a movie and accept pipe from whoever gives it. #girlsarewhores

fourthgradecocktease 6/29/2018 10:23:56 AM

^ guy that gets cheated on. Girls just love bangin famous dudes, nothing wrong with that. If you got the opportunity to bang some famous chick you'd probably take it. Same difference. That being said, Maynard definitely seems like he could be cut from the rapist cloth. Dude has always seemed like a total creep.

anonymous 6/29/2018 10:42:53 AM

Tit Lambesis here i made these twitter acc*nts to try to take some heat off figured if people stoppped buying tool merch we could move mor of these vinyls

easyhateoven 6/29/2018 12:02:54 PM

fourthgradec-cktease Girls just love bangin famous dudes, nothing wrong with that. If you got the opportunity to bang some famous chick you'd probably take it. Same difference. That being said, Maynard definitely seems like he could be cut from the rapist cloth. Dude has always seemed like a total creep. agreed

anonymous 6/29/2018 12:24:57 PM

Trevor Reznor

anonymous 6/29/2018 1:22:57 PM

Just waiting on some wine aficionados pulling an xxxtentacion and ridding the earth of another abusey abusive pedo.

anonymous 6/29/2018 5:01:08 PM

Wow did you guys actually read that Twitter? There is a bunch of people saying the same thing and even talking about other bands like behemoth. shit is gonna go down...

anonymous 6/29/2018 6:45:24 PM

It's not victim shaming to suggest people use an ounce of common sense and not put themselves in situations that are preventable. There is zero reason to go on the tour bus if all you want to do is "meet" your rock star. Even less reason to lay down in bed with them. I want to explore the rich culture of Syria, but going there, being captured by ISIS and beheaded - sure it's my right to do as I want, but in retrospect, maybe not much in the way of common sense.

anonymous 6/29/2018 9:11:20 PM

in all seriousness, i find it hard to believe APC in 2000 was touring in a capacity that maynard had his own bus. only a "solo" bus would have a "bed" in the back room with a door. standard tour buses have a back lounge with couches, but ones with beds are for SUPER high rollers (ala britney spears).

anonymous 6/29/2018 9:40:07 PM

Wait, the fool guy is in ISIS???

anonymous 6/29/2018 9:57:29 PM

Maynard abused me too in 1957.

anonymous 6/30/2018 7:24:22 AM

Maynard drugged me than fisted my jerk, This was back in 1995. A year later Tool is topping the charts with their hit single "Stinkfist".

anonymous 6/30/2018 9:12:24 AM

What a Tool

anonymous 6/30/2018 3:52:12 PM

Can Affiance buy on to this press release? Butter tooth records is gonna front the cash

anonymous 7/1/2018 9:37:19 AM

Cuba Gooding Jr here, never like Tool much. but am no longer putting out straight-to-vhs tape anymore. Very excite to play OJ Simpson in upcoming film.

anonymous 7/2/2018 5:53:50 AM

elbow deep inside

anonymous 7/2/2018 5:54:35 AM

code orange here; please take us out on tour mayhanrd we need to spread the gospel that is HaRdCoRe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

anonymous 7/2/2018 8:31:49 AM

This is probably going to delay the new album, isn't it?

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