NewsApril 17, 2018 5:02 PM ET1,936 views

Candlemass to release new EP

Official press release: The Swedish pioneers of timeless slowness, Candlemass, are officially back with this killer doom epic EP, House of Doom, based on the soundtrack of the game with the same name. Leif Edling, the undisputed king of minor key songwriting has returned with the frenzied riffing and melancholy sound that made him and Candlemass legendary from the beginning. The EP (out May 25 through Napalm Records) comes with 3 bonus tracks which are inspired by the many rooms in the House of Doom and the possibilities the band has gotten with the new game. A full-length album is to be released in fall 2018. House of Doom track listing: 01. House of Doom 02. Flowers of Deception 03. Fortuneteller 04. Dolls On A Wall

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