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Converge signs w/ Epitaph Records

As has been rumored for many weeks, Converge has officially signed with Epitaph Records. The group has previously released several albums with Equal Vision Records and are currently preparing their new full-length, "You Fail Me," which they hope to record in March and April. Here's what frontman Jacob Bannon says about the move: “We are confident as artists and genuinely happy about the move. We are part of a diverse, quality roster with Epitaph, rich in both history and integrity. We've struggled for years looking for a supportive label to call home and after a decade we have found it.” Look for Converge's Epitaph debut to hit stores in summer 2004. Meanwhile, here's the press release from the Converge camp: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- By Chris Gramlich In the spirit of challenging yourself for the sake of creative growth, of creation from chaos and inspiration from change in the face of stagnation, Converge have recently signed with one of the most respected and important independent labels in the underground, Epitaph Records. It's been said that the only constant in the universe is change, for 13 years, Boston, MA's innovative metallic hardcore heavyweights known simply as Converge have changed, evolved and pushed the boundaries of their abrasive sonic art while never forsaking their heaviness, vision or integrity. Like a shark that dies if it ever stops swimming, Converge has constantly struggled to push the envelope of the ever-shifting definition of "hardcore" while releasing a number of albums - some would say "landmark" - that followed a caustic, sometimes painful, but always engaging musical evolution. Undeniably influential albums such as Petitioning The Empty Sky, When Forever Comes Crashing and Jane Doe rank high on the "must-own" lists of many aggressive music fans and have established Converge as one of the underground's precious few leaders in a sea of followers. Epitaph, a truly independent success story, is a label that has retained its integrity, ethics and, most importantly, dedication to music, not commerce, while grappling with unexpected growth, trends and popularity. Originally started in 1981 by Brett Gurewitz to put out records by his then nascent punk band, Bad Religion, over the decades Epitaph has released some of the most important albums in aggressive music (Bad Religion's No Control, the Refused's The Shape of Punk To Come, to name but a few), sparked a musical revolution or two, challenged and changed the mainstream and diversified their associated roster. With the likes of Tom Waits, Nick Cave, the late Joe Strummer, Noam Chomsky, Atmosphere, the Locust and Hot Water Music, among many others, it is a roster that Converge are honoured to be a part of. After returning from a January European tour, Converge will begin recording their long-awaited follow-up to 2001's critically acclaimed Jane Doe, tentatively entitled You Fail Me, in March and April. Slated for a mid-2004 release through Epitaph, vinyl duties will be handled by Tre McCarthy and Jacob Bannon's Deathwish Inc. imprint.

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