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Deeds Of Flesh, ex-Pathology members form new band

Official press release: Underground death metal legends Matti Way (ex-Pathology and Disgorge, Abominable Putridity) and Erik Lindmark (Deeds of Flesh) have joined forces to form a new band called Submerged. Well known for raising the standard of heaviness on their pioneering, boundary destroying work the duo will continue their decades long quest to push extreme metal to its limits and continue to set the bar for absolute brutality beyond the reach of any of today's heaviest bands. Submerged promises to be one of the most monumentally heavy, experimental, atmospheric, and ominous projects that the two have been a part of, and will be an absolutely monstrous addition to their already unparalleled bodies of work. The group will release a full length this year on Unique Leader Records. Joining Way and Lindmark in Submerged are bassist Eric Little of the upcoming and widely respected slam masters Visceral Disgorge and phenomenal drummer, Alex Gal of Foul Deformity. The two provide an extraordinarily tight rhythm section and are further proof of the band's devastating potential. The band has released a trailer which you can view here:
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