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Horrow Show news and notes

Not much has been happening in the Horror Show camp since vocalist Nicky went to prison nearly one year ago for a stabbing incident. However, the Philadelphia group will soon release their "Holiday" 7" EP, which was recorded the week before Nick's arrest. Additionally, the band has completed seven songs for a new full-length. The album will be recorded upon Nick's release and should hit stores via Deathwish Inc. Meanwhile, Nicky recently sent an update from jail: "Hello once again family, friends, acquaintances, admirers, antagonists, and complete strangers. It's been a while, huh? It's just shy of my one year anniversary of my incarceration and I can tell you one thing. This bid has and is still trying to do me in. They say to do the time and not let the time do you, but this is easier said then done. In the matter of a year, I've watched old friends who said they'd be by my side through thick and thin, not only turn their backs on me, but take total advantage of my absence. Out of sight, out of mind I guess. I've shed my blood and the blood of others just so I can live a bit more comfortable. I've spent coundtless sleepless nights staring at the ceiling thinking, "what the fuck." Sometimes I want to cut myself just to make sure this is all really happening, that I'm actually here. I've read what seems like hundreds of books and spilled my heart out on a myriad of scattered papers to pass the time. I've received pounds of mail from all over the globe, which is a bittersweet reminder that there is a world outside of this one and that it is in fact spinning without me. This is a very important thing, so if you did write me, thank you once again. In the matter of a year I've managed to do so much, but not really do anything at all. Recently someone informed me that the Horror Show website hasn't been updated in a hot minute. They also suggested that I write a little something, addressing people who may care. I'm not sure if this is what they had in mind, but fuck it. I'm not gonna chew your ears off, or in this case, your eyes out. So, basically I'm doing okay considering and in another year (if I can stay out of trouble) I'll be able to talk to you face to face once again. I hope you enjoy the upcoming "Holiday" EP and when my wings do spread, we will begin recording for the long awaited full length. So until then, breathe easy."


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