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Household announce new album, premiere video

Official press release: With a new year ahead and a new label at their side, Minneapolis natives Household are thrilled to announce their forthcoming album Everything A River Should Be, out February 23rd, 2018 via Equal Vision Records. Fans can get a taste of the band's "earnest, sprawling take on punk-influenced emo sounds" (Alternative Press) by watching their new video "Don't Listen To Me." "This is a pretty defining record for us," admits vocalist/bassist Joshua Gilbert. "We've been a hardcore band for a while and this is our first transition into more of this rock/emo that we're doing. Writing a record like this felt more true to who I am as an individual but also who our band is." As it turns out, Everything A River Should Be is a record that redefines who and what - and even why - the Minneapolis trio are. Anybody familiar with the music the band - vocalist and bassist Joshua Gilbert, drummer Matthew Anthony, and guitarist Nathanael Olsen - made before will immediately hear the shift in sound of these 11 songs. While the urgency and sincerity of the raw and visceral post-hardcore they began life making remains, Everything A River Should Be is a collection of dense, dark and brooding songs full of a tense, glowering atmosphere. Lyrically, too, the album - which was recorded over the course of a month by Nate Washburn at Atlanta's Glow In The Dark studios - marks a change in approach. Not only is this the first time the band have really had any production on a recording, but Gilbert says he has never written from the heart so much or presented so much of himself - and his emotions and fears and insecurities - within his songs. "The songs touch on some close-to-home feelings for me," he says. "It's much more of a personal expression of my own emotions - it's not so much a declarative thing, as some of our music has been in the past. It's more personal and vulnerable in a lot of ways." Everything A River Should Be track listing: 01. Away 02. It's Easy To Feel Rotten 03. Dark Matter 04. Don't Listen To Me 05. Misiziibi 06. Far From Me 07. Scared To Be 08. Dreamer 09. Shore Slipper 10. Safe World 11. Bloom

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