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ex-Revocation drummer accepts $30,000 settlement over arrest

Former Revocation drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne has accepted a $30,000 settlement to end his lawsuit over a 2014 arrest in Oklahoma, according to NewsOK. Dubois-Coyne suffered a broken arm while being arrested at a concert after-party in Oklahoma City in August 2014. Police stated that Dubois-Coyne was drunk and chanting anti-police slogans such as "f*ck the police." NewsOK says that one officer said, "I felt this was beginning to incite actions against us and we were easily outnumbered by the crowd." Dubois-Coyne was ultimately charged with "public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and resisting a police officer" and spent 12 hours in jail after his fractured arm was treated in a hospital. He pleaded no contest to the public drunkenness charge and paid a fine of $178. The other charges were later dismissed. In 2016, Dubois-Coyne filed a false arrest and excessive force lawsuit against Oklahoma City and three police officers. A jury trial had been set to commence next month, however, in November the Oklahoma City Council agreed to settle the case for $30,000. The settlement was approved by a federal judge earlier this month. Dubois-Coyne, now 32, left Revocation in 2015 but still plays drums and is a drum tech for Cannibal Corpse. "He's pretty famous with heavy metal rock bands," said his attorney, Holly Hefton. "He's still playing. He had a little bit of deformity to his arm after all this. He has the option of surgery but his doctors have told him that by correcting it he could end up with nerve damage. He's relearning how to play with his situation now."

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