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Tool to release new album in 2018

Tool fans have been waiting roughly a decade for a new Tool album, and it looks like the wait is nearly over (relatively speaking). According to drummer Danny Carey, "it'll be out [in 2018]." Carey appeared on a new episode of "The MetalSucks Podcast" and here's the relevant exchange:
"My co-host Brandon talked to Justin Chancellor earlier this year. Justin made us feel like Tool would have a new album out in 2018. On a scale of 1-10, how much did Justin lie to us? Carey: "He did not lie to you. On scale of how much he lied, it would be zero. It'll be out. It'll be out in 2018."
[via MetalSucks]


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AnalButt 12/9/2017 11:37:06 AM


anonymous 12/9/2017 11:39:43 AM

They're gay gay

anonymous 12/9/2017 11:44:07 AM

Harvey Weinstein and Roy Moore are stoked

Rick____tocchet 12/9/2017 11:46:27 AM

Most over rated band of all time.

anonymous 12/9/2017 11:58:28 AM

Build the wall

anonymous 12/9/2017 12:11:57 PM

Build the wall with Sheetrock.

anonymous 12/9/2017 12:13:57 PM

Anyone who thinks Tool isn't good is an idiot. If you haven't seen them live I feel sorry for your pathetic life

anonymous 12/9/2017 12:24:54 PM

horse mess

anonymous 12/9/2017 12:39:42 PM

"Anyone who thinks Tool is good is an idiot, they are bad. If you haven't seen them live I feel good for your amazing life, wasting even a second at their show brought me into an irreversible depression." i agree man tool sucks

anonymous 12/9/2017 12:42:21 PM

Love tool and godsmack #MAGA

Jemenez_Cricket 12/9/2017 12:56:09 PM


anonymous 12/9/2017 1:11:43 PM

This is what Kushner likes to listen to when he is feeling rage

anonymous 12/9/2017 1:44:22 PM

Danny Careys net worth is 40 mil. No sheetrock in his future

anonymous 12/9/2017 2:57:01 PM

Tool: the rare band whose name perfectly describes their fanbase

anonymous 12/9/2017 2:57:33 PM

Can't wait to not listen to this

anonymous 12/9/2017 2:58:27 PM

You commented on my shitty comment, I've sucked you into my vacuum you c-mbuttery asswench

anonymous 12/9/2017 4:43:29 PM

Tool Announces Delay in Album Release

anonymous 12/9/2017 6:17:44 PM

I would have cared 6 years ago

anonymous 12/9/2017 8:24:08 PM

Toby Morse looks like a mook that would wear a shirt saying "I'm Toby Morse", because who the fck cares.

anonymous 12/10/2017 9:28:22 AM

lol okay

anonymous 12/10/2017 11:20:55 AM

How bout that? That squirrel can waterski!

anonymous 12/10/2017 2:08:12 PM

Stool was never cool. Sounds like diarrhea

carveyournamein 12/10/2017 6:37:11 PM


anonymous 12/10/2017 9:05:00 PM

fck Yeah. Gonna drive hard into this'n. you fckn' normies are gonna miss out on what might be aoty.

easyhateoven 12/11/2017 5:56:01 AM

Rick____tocchet Most over rated band of all time.

anonymous 12/11/2017 7:09:34 AM

Spencer's Gifts is stoked

anonymous 12/12/2017 10:42:51 AM

comic book store employees are stoked, their ponytails are dancing

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