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Not Dead Yet 2017 lineup announced

The lineup has been solidified for the 2017 installment of the Toronto, Ontario DIY festival Not Dead Yet. This year, the event will take place October 12-15 at a handful of Toronto venues. Artist scheduled to perform include Trapped Under Ice, Harley Flanagan, and Incendiary, with the current roster listed below. For specific venues, shows, and rosters, check out the festival's event listing on Facebook. Acrylics Anti-Sex Black Leather Jacket Booji Boys Burden CC Dust aka CC FX Cell Chew Collagen D.C. Disorder Dream Probe Druj Fried Egg Fury Gazm Gen Pop Glory Glue Guilt Parade Harley Flanagan HVAC Illusion Incendiary Inmates Josephine Kaleidoscope Kohti Tuhoa Krimewatch L.O.T.I.O.N. Lebenden Toten Lust for Youth Malingerer Marbled Eye Mil-Spec Mommy Narcoestado Nosferatu Patsy Payback Playboy Primal Rite Prom Nite Public Eye Pura Mania Pure Pressure Que Lastima Radiation Risks Rakta Rashomon Real World Red Death Rik & the Pigs Rina S.H.I.T. Sect Siyahkal Spiritual Cramp Super Natural Psycho Tashme Trapped Under Ice Vanilla Poppers Whip Wild Side Witchtrial Xylitol


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anonymous 8/27/2017 5:52:24 PM

These "bands" were formed just to play this show. #FakeNews

anonymous 8/27/2017 5:58:42 PM

What is hurly flargan gonna do stab the air and flip around a small knife?

anonymous 8/27/2017 6:17:16 PM

All you pussies talking shit on Flanagan? You have no clue. Watch a cro-mags show without him, watch one with him. End of discussion.

anonymous 8/27/2017 6:24:55 PM

Answer my own question, sporting his signature shriveled, lime-green dingus, hurly flrugy and his band 'the crammers' bullzdoze through a 2 hr set of top 40 rap covers, stream of consciousness poetry, and live gay ass jammin'. Crammin his tattooed knuckles up his hxc mainstay jerk, Helry struggles to keep up with recent music trends. It is apparent he is a 'cram-trender' and his SL-GD is a make up job. The fans turn on him as he is chased off stage fist stuck up his jerk

anonymous 8/27/2017 6:59:45 PM

I like to think I have my finger on the pulse of popular music trends but besides Harley Fa ggot-Gan, incendiary and trap me in ice block, who are these bands? What scene ? Canadian? Tiny bandcamp bands? I get my new music from leading independent underground music retailers "ROADRUNNER RECORD" fresh bands like slipnot

anonymous 8/27/2017 7:53:30 PM

Lambgoat is mad dumb, this is a good festival, and most of these bands are top-tier international bands. Hardly a Canadian band on it. Sforza Birkenweg

anonymous 8/27/2017 8:05:36 PM

^ are they really? Is SECT really a big international band? Are any of these? Srs btw, can't tell if u troller

anonymous 8/27/2017 8:13:03 PM

Googled some of the bands "rashomon" whatever has 140 likes on fb so I think u are trolling or exaggerating idk lambgoaties are dumb tho so who knows never seen u here before in my life dude fck OFF!!!!! for all I give a shit about ur jerk LOSER!!! Eat dirt and hire a black male dominatrix to slap your DISGUSTING BALL SACK with a HAMMER!!!! Get fcking bent ASS WIPER!!

anonymous 8/27/2017 8:21:56 PM

When I listen to Krimewatch all I hear is "me so haaawny...sucky sucky.." because I know that sexy asian chicken wants my ody

anonymous 8/27/2017 8:38:02 PM

I'm pretty into the underground hardcore, punk and metal scenes, and have been for 25 years, and have HEARD of maybe 9 of these bands. And when I say "Heard of" I mean exactly that. There are 3-5 I've heard and recognize as "ok, someone cares about them." What a shit "fest." Hope they can meet the guarantees.

anonymous 8/27/2017 8:52:16 PM

my god this is straight garbage. i cannot believe people are actually admitting to liking any of these bands. go to school and try to get real jobs. this is for dirt bags

anonymous 8/27/2017 8:54:40 PM

^ exactly my thought I mean I know old 'nosferatu' from his cinema work, SECT feat 'kill my slave-master" Andy Hurlie, Incediary from 'all in merch' fame, Hulu Flargan stabbed a man, hardcore stalwarts TUI, real world I saw on MTV /road rules...I went to prom night and I only know black leather jackets cuz my uncle was a biker, I know what SHIT is from my jerk and payback must be a ATTILA cover band I guess, idk who's mom has a band mabe the GRIND MOTHER??

anonymous 8/28/2017 5:49:16 AM

some bros actually named their band SHIT lol i know that's exactly the reaction they were going for and I played right into it but god damn

anonymous 8/28/2017 6:13:37 AM

"Schedule available on Tumblr" yea that's gonna be a no for me bro

anonymous 8/28/2017 6:34:37 AM

Reading this lineup has cleared one thing up for sure: all the good band names got used up YEARS ago. Also f.uck you Srj I know that's you posting the "Lime Green Dingus" bullshit

anonymous 8/28/2017 12:13:44 PM

I can't wait until Harley drops the word 'gay' at the show and all the Tumblrcore bands on here explode in unison.

anonymous 8/28/2017 3:02:49 PM

When I listen to Krimewatch all I hear is "me so haaawny...sucky sucky.." because I know that sexy asian chicken wants my ody fck that shit kid. You can have sum o dat coward..after I'm done! Filth in the sack you can just tell

anonymous 8/28/2017 3:05:12 PM

TF? Now the kid who does the site has word replacement for p.ussy, what next "RN I'm scratching my mean person"(dick)

anonymous 8/29/2017 7:51:17 AM

Never heard of any of these bands... #FestivalFlip

anonymous 9/1/2017 11:33:56 AM

Someone tell Kaleidoscope that there was already a Kaleidoscope and they played the original woodstock. Also no Grade = no care

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