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Cold As Life set to release new EP; stream available

Detroit, MI hardcore unit Cold As Life will release a new 7" EP this month featuring two songs, "Suffer" and "For The Few." The outing will be released on August 11 via Demons Run Amok Records and is currently available for pre-order. In the interim, the EP tracks are available for streaming here:

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anonymous 8/1/2017 11:24:28 AM

meatheads who don't know this isn't actually cold as life are stoked

anonymous 8/1/2017 11:59:52 AM

These tracks are boring as hell, and who is even in this band nowadays?

anonymous 8/1/2017 12:04:06 PM

wow STAIND has aged and gotten pretty rough

anonymous 8/1/2017 12:20:43 PM

There's nothing cold as life about these guys, cash grab.

anonymous 8/1/2017 12:47:53 PM

What a dumb name. Do these guys not know global warming is making life way hotter?

anonymous 8/1/2017 1:36:00 PM

There's, literally, no one anticipating or demanding this. Even if it was actually Cold As Life, no one would care, let alone whatever this is.

anonymous 8/1/2017 1:45:48 PM

Whatever happened to Mike "The asian" Cools? After Harley Flanagan fcked him up, and Cools sued him, he seems to have vanished from music.

anonymous 8/1/2017 3:23:56 PM

haha is this an actual parody band

anonymous 8/1/2017 4:39:03 PM

Keep talking shit nerds.

anonymous 8/1/2017 4:42:03 PM

All y'all know how to do is post anonymous and talk shit on some site no one even gives a fck up about, good job.

anonymous 8/1/2017 4:52:09 PM

^the comments are polarised and this website is financed by the polarization

anonymous 8/1/2017 7:49:50 PM

"There's, literally, no one anticipating or demanding this. " I'm not interested in this- but people don't have to demand anything. If your not into it don't buy it, don't see them, don't support it. Bands (anything creative) should do their thing, people will support it if they like it. We can't wait around for 'demand' But ef' this- this isn't CTYC.

anonymous 8/1/2017 8:28:15 PM

somehow these guys are friends with Raw Dawg and CYC so they are complete garbage now. what a shame

anonymous 8/1/2017 8:40:33 PM

east coast syphilis tsunami is stoked. thought the main dude was in jail?

anonymous 8/2/2017 1:13:50 AM

This isn't Cold as Life it's a fcking cash grab. Only real CAL member is the drummer if he is even in the band still. Jeff G is in jail,,,no Jeff no Cold as Life it's that simple. Call yourselves something else..Real Detroit H/C peeps are laughing at this fckbaggery

anonymous 8/2/2017 6:10:58 AM

"Real Detroit Hardcore peeps"?? MAISON PRIVATE

anonymous 8/2/2017 7:31:59 AM

HAHAHA Mike asian got fcked up by Harley, then tried to sued Webster Hall and got booted from DMS. then goes home with tail between his leg and restarts CAL without Jeff, after ripping Jeff off, then gets booted from CAL. hes washing dishes somewhere now.

anonymous 8/2/2017 10:44:53 AM

This whole reboot the band with bootleg members needs to stop. Don't support this shit. fcking hardcore cover bands are not needed.

anonymous 8/2/2017 7:46:39 PM

Why did DMS boot him?

anonymous 8/2/2017 7:47:32 PM

The drummer looks scared in this photo. Like these thugs are forcing him to use the CAL name maybe?

anonymous 8/2/2017 7:48:44 PM

These guys playing Toronto in 2 days for $10 should i go?

anonymous 8/14/2017 5:48:34 PM

DMS booted Mike because he made them the only gang on Earth to sue a nightclub for one of their members being stabbed. Real street justice yo! It's been just over five years since Harley handed Mike and another DMS member their asses and DMS has yet to fck up Harley LOL. Cowards.

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