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ex-Letlive singer, The Chariot guitarist launch new band

The Fever band Two months after the break-up of .letlive, frontman Jason Butler has resurfaced in a new band called The Fever. Along with Butler, the group is composed of Stephen Harrison of The Chariot and Aric Improta of Night Verses. Yesterday (July 4) The Fever played their first show in Inglewood, CA. Some footage can be viewed below. Butler had this to say about the new endeavor: "To those of you who want change, here is an offering to start that conversation. I've had a lot of people asking me what I'll be doing in the future - here is a taste of that. I love art. I love being a musician. I love progress. And I am no stranger to pushing back if I feel it is necessary. This will be an exhibition of all the things I love with like minded people for whom I care deeply. To all the tired, frustrated, and brave, come join us."
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