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Hundredth, Being As An Ocean tour bus goes up in flames

The tour bus shared by Hundredth and Being As An Ocean was destroyed by a fire early this morning in St. Louis, MO. Fortunately, there were no injuries. You can check out some photos below. The two bands are touring together as part of Warped Tour 2017.


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anonymous 6/27/2017 9:06:31 AM

St. Louis, a city where if you don't get robbed at Fubar, your ride will be set ablaze. There's no winning in the STL.

anonymous 6/27/2017 9:11:30 AM

i bet it was carnifex

anonymous 6/27/2017 9:17:15 AM

so close to music objectively getting better

anonymous 6/27/2017 9:40:25 AM

This was Dimebag's bus......he saw what kind of crap was on his bus and sacrificed it in his own name.

anonymous 6/27/2017 9:40:51 AM


anonymous 6/27/2017 9:42:15 AM

That's what Hundredth gets for changing their sound so dramatically and turning their back on hardcore.

anonymous 6/27/2017 10:05:15 AM

They should have used an ocean to put it out amirite?

anonymous 6/27/2017 10:43:53 AM

Breaking News: In Flames suing Hundredth and BAAO over trademark violation

anonymous 6/27/2017 10:44:38 AM

Well, not a vanflip, but certainly the next best thing.

anonymous 6/27/2017 11:04:28 AM


anonymous 6/27/2017 11:15:35 AM


anonymous 6/27/2017 11:18:11 AM

offbrand vape battery and charger ordered from hong kong explode and start a small smoldering fire next to a pile of fidget spinners which melted through the table and caught the carpet on fire

anonymous 6/27/2017 11:24:35 AM

Warped Tour is lit.

anonymous 6/27/2017 11:53:54 AM

Being as a Fire

anonymous 6/27/2017 12:17:33 PM

does anyone know if they still plan on making the Billings date?

anonymous 6/27/2017 12:31:00 PM

"That's what Hundredth gets for changing their sound so dramatically and turning their back on hardcore." You sir are an idiot! The only good thing this band ever did was "turn their back on hardcore."

anonymous 6/27/2017 12:38:40 PM

anonymous5 minutes ago "That's what Hundredth gets for changing their sound so dramatically and turning their back on hardcore." You sir are an idiot! The only good thing this band ever did was "turn their back on hardcore." Ha! Any one who has known Chad for a substantial amount of time would know that that motherfcker turned his back on hardcore a long time ago.

anonymous 6/27/2017 12:55:34 PM

must've played the new Hundredth joint on the bus cuz' that sh*t is FIRE boi

anonymous 6/27/2017 12:56:38 PM

Hundredth went from being a really crappy band to being an extremely crappy band that sucks donkey balls with this latest album, and BAAO Is just an insanely shitty hot topic tumblr band of dirty hippies so it's with great confidence I can say both bands deserved this 110% and it's unfortunate nobody was injured.

anonymous 6/27/2017 3:00:15 PM


anonymous 6/27/2017 3:16:46 PM

Hardly what I would call "going up in flames" but that's what I've come to expect from... a fake news site at best or yellow journalism at worst, so I expect this kind of thing here.

anonymous 6/27/2017 3:18:10 PM

***NOTICE TO ALL BANDS*** careful when cooking meth on the tour b or it will light on firee

anonymous 6/27/2017 3:29:59 PM

I have a poster of Chadwick above my bed. The beanie, he fake spectacles, lit. Sometimes I get fully erect just looking at it. That's when I turn up Hundredth's latest showgaze single and slowly pump my c-ck until ropes of stuff begin to jet out. And I'm not even gay or gay. There, I said it.

anonymous 6/27/2017 3:59:32 PM

What about their equipment?

anonymous 6/27/2017 4:29:02 PM

BASTARD FACT0RY Forums is the New Lambgoat Somebody mentioned in here last week... they were all arguing about the place ... Well I joined it, it's an 'Anything' goes messageboard!! Mayhem & mass chaos reigns... its like hitting a framing crew at a construction site with BB gun fire from your nearby apartment.

anonymous 6/27/2017 4:37:25 PM

Burn It Down reunion

anonymous 6/27/2017 4:53:34 PM

I've been thinking about this for a long time: how about warped tour starts having a new stage reserved exclusively for 'super ultimate legendary' bands - and call it 'the billings stage' best stage name ever type 59101 if u agree

anonymous 6/27/2017 5:22:57 PM

^^ are you high or just stupid?

anonymous 6/27/2017 6:24:14 PM

Should've been Lars.

anonymous 6/27/2017 6:26:20 PM

Vocalist of Hundredth probably fell asleep with a cigarette in his mouth again after doing heroin.

anonymous 6/27/2017 6:28:44 PM

Rumor has it Kevin Lyman sabotaged the bus after both bands played shitty sets all tour. Later Kevin and the bands made after the bands explained, "Oh, no, that's just what we sound like."

anonymous 6/27/2017 6:32:25 PM

Maybe it was the burning from Chadwick's peehole that set the bus ablaze.

anonymous 6/27/2017 6:35:17 PM

I bet it was the firey passion from both of those bands that manifested into a physical flame and started the fire. Just kidding. Those bands are fcking gay as fck.

anonymous 6/27/2017 6:37:46 PM

Rumor has it Municipal Waste started the fire because Hundredth snitched on them to the cops and got them pulled over last night and their merch dude got arrested for possession.

anonymous 6/27/2017 6:54:07 PM

^ funny enough both bands have played together, a long time ago

anonymous 6/27/2017 8:09:53 PM

God is telling them to quit being shit in his name

anonymous 6/27/2017 9:01:16 PM

they should have thrown themselves onto the fire since they're all ocean beings

anonymous 6/27/2017 9:03:22 PM

Fire Up The Blades did just turn 10 years old.

anonymous 6/28/2017 4:02:31 AM

They should've chosen a safe and reliable vehicle, like a Bandwagon.

Rick____tocchet 6/28/2017 6:18:07 AM

The driver of the bus should of floored it when it was ablaze and ran it into the Mississippi River. He would of saved all of us the time of ever hearing about any of these crappy bands ever again.

anonymous 6/28/2017 7:25:33 AM

Stone Cold thought it was The DX Express

anonymous 6/28/2017 12:44:02 PM

Searching for the go fund me but coming up with no results for the hundredth time. Well being as an ocean is right nearby maybe I have internet issues or life issues.

anonymous 6/28/2017 12:49:01 PM

Anyone heard about refunds at point of purchase for the Billings date?? Still waiting on an email from ticketfly. Bummer!

anonymous 6/28/2017 2:58:14 PM

CARNIFEX here you damn right we did it that drummer is weak af can't even blast gtfo here

anonymous 6/28/2017 5:29:47 PM

Hello yes it is me Srj tmkn-sod fame. Hundred and Be a Ocean bus burn up LMAO you know SHAVO Den and the boys love to play a fire xP

anonymous 6/29/2017 5:01:56 AM

You know what they say...where there's smoking c-ck, there's fire.

anonymous 6/30/2017 11:08:46 PM

All of this is just shitty news. Let's move on to some credible bands.

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