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Mind Power (A Life Once Lost, Ligeia) releases new EP

Pennsylvania "heavy technical groove metal" act Mind Power has released a new EP titled Depopulation. The outing can be streamed and/or downloaded below via Bandcamp. Notably, the band features A Life Once Lost frontman Robert Meadows in addition to Brandon Whipple (Ligeia) and Ryan Farrell (Dead End Path). [via Metal Injection]

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anonymous 5/15/2017 10:41:38 AM

basically a life once lost again with less Meshuggah. but I dig it.

anonymous 5/15/2017 11:35:35 AM

I listened to the whole thing and I dug it.

anonymous 5/15/2017 12:00:15 PM

'technical groove metal'

anonymous 5/15/2017 12:51:35 PM

Way better then there other projects I hope they tour

anonymous 5/15/2017 1:13:16 PM

finally something good

anonymous 5/15/2017 1:13:39 PM

PAHC baby, on top

anonymous 5/15/2017 2:11:50 PM

this is great

anonymous 5/15/2017 3:14:21 PM


anonymous 5/15/2017 4:00:11 PM

Holy fcking shit this is good

anonymous 5/15/2017 5:13:02 PM

James Brown is confused.

anonymous 5/15/2017 5:14:08 PM

God damn good to hear Rob Meadows over some quality heavy stuff. Also great to see the warm reception.

anonymous 5/15/2017 6:41:50 PM

"heavy technical groove metal" Only Candaria is allowed to use this description, sorry.

anonymous 5/15/2017 7:39:25 PM

Twelve people are stoked

Chi_Stake 5/15/2017 11:51:16 PM


anonymous 5/16/2017 1:36:20 AM

Would not listen again.

anonymous 5/16/2017 3:05:02 AM

This shit is bomb

anonymous 5/16/2017 11:07:31 AM

sounds like a rip off ALOL cover band. I bet all the "siqqqq music/this shit rules" posts are the dorks from this shit band.

marching_band_rules 5/16/2017 11:29:32 AM

into it

meatyd 5/16/2017 2:39:23 PM

Still waiting to hear those new Old Bones songs, Bob

anonymous 5/16/2017 6:23:21 PM

This is really sick

anonymous 5/17/2017 1:50:06 AM

This is music is AIDS. Metalcore gays are STOOOOOOKED.

anonymous 5/17/2017 5:07:57 AM

Hard as a rock! Dig it obv!

anonymous 5/17/2017 1:48:03 PM

ehhhhhhhh rather just listen to a life once lost, or liegeia lol. this is dogsh*t

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