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Volumes vocalist lashes out at ex-Volumes frontman

It's rather awkward when ex-bandmates and erstwhile friends argue publicly, and that's exactly what happened on Twitter last night as current Volumes vocalist Gus Farias appears to have a picked a fight with former Volumes frontman Michael Barr, who exited the band in 2015. The Twitter drama appears to have commenced when Farias Tweeted this after allegedly listening to some of Barr's new solo material: Volumes fight 1 Farias then made sure that Barr was aware of his feelings by tagging him: Volumes fight 2 Farias' brother and bandmate Diego even got in on the action, retweeting some of Gus's barbs: Volumes fight 4 Barr quickly tried to diffuse the situation: Volumes fight 3 Farias wasn't having it, accusing Barr of being hateful and unsupportive when Farias was battling a drug addiction: Volumes fight 5 The back-and-forth continued on for a bit, with nothing resolved (Farias ends the conversation with 'F*ck your apology'). You can view the rest below (the most recent Tweet appears first, so you'll have to read from the bottom up). Volumes fight 6 UPDATE: Barr's management team has provided us with the following statement from Barr:
"While it seems a select number of people in Volumes still are mad about my departure, I have always wished them well and will continue to do so. I had my reasons for leaving. This isn't a divorce, just a frontman wanting to pursue other things. This is the last time I will address this matter. At this point, it is a huge waste of everyone's time and energy. Especially since I have done nothing but wish them the best. I know some common sense and maturity will prevail regarding my departure two years after the fact. Thank you for all those who follow and support me. Be on the lookout for a new single soon."

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