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Glassjaw album to feature Dillinger Escape Plan drummer

It's been been a year since Glassjaw debuted a new song titled "New White Extremity." Upon the track's unveiling, The Dillinger Escape Plan drummer Billy Rymer revealed online that he played drums on the song (his admission was deleted from existence soon thereafter). The aforementioned track was thought to be a composition from Glassjaw's next album, their first new LP since 2002. And while the record has yet to surface, Rymer has now confirmed that he tracked drums for the effort. Speaking with the "100 Words Or Less" podcast, Rymer had the following to say:
"I recorded a record for them that's probably due to come out sometime like 2036, I'm thinking. I would think somewhere between then and... yeah. No, hopefully it will be out next year; I'm not exactly sure what... I don't know how much they want me talking about that cause they're very private with their stuff and their business, but I tracked a bunch of songs for them, a whole album's worth of material, and I guess they're just waiting to see how they're going to release it. As far as playing live, it's definitely a possibility."
[via ThePRP]

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