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Allegaeon turn to crowdfunding to keep band afloat

With financial issues threatening their existence, Colorado metal band Allegaeon has launched a Patreon Campaign to seek help from fans. Here is a statement from the group:
"As many of you may have heard, Corey handed in his walking papers earlier this week. This was partly due to his desire to pursue a career in law, but largely because of the financial instability that comes with being in a touring band. "For some time now Allegaeon has been in a huge amount of debt and, with our new album cycle just beginning, we've had to begin assessing the costs of continuing to do what we do. We are looking at the very scary reality of Allegaeon's lifespan coming to an end. "Calling it quits is the last thing we want to do so, after much thought and contemplation, we have decided to launch a subscription based service through the Patreon platform. This is decidedly the best way for you, our fans, to be able to directly contribute to the well-being of Allegaeon and thus guarantee that we will be able to keep making music for a long time to come. "All of you have been incredibly supportive of everything Allegaeon has done leading up to this point and for that we are grateful beyond words; we couldn't ask for a better group of people to call our fans. At this juncture, we need your support more than ever and are looking forward to working with each of you to make sure that your contribution to our success is rewarded in the best ways we can possibly offer."

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