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Video: Misfits reunite for first time in 33 years

Last night (September 4) the original Misfits lineup reunited for their scheduled performance at Riot Fest in September 4. The event featured Glenn Danzig performing with Jerry Only and Doyle for the first time since 1983. Additionally, ex-Slayer member Dave Lombardo helmed the drum kit. Various pieces of footage can be found below along with the setlist. Setlist: Death Comes Ripping 20 Eyes I Turned Into a Martian Where Eagles Dare Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight? Vampira All Hell Breaks Loose Hybrid Moments Teenagers From Mars London Dungeon Earth A.D. Green Hell Devilock Horror Business We Are 138 Hollywood Babylon Who Killed Marilyn Halloween Die, Die My Darling Astro Zombies Skulls Last Caress Encore: Bullet Night of the Living Dead She Attitude

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