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Fit For A King singer faces backlash for comments on race

Ryan Kirby, vocalist of Christian metalcore band Fit For A King (FFAK), has received some criticism over the past few days for making a few Facebook posts pertaining to race. On Saturday, Kirby had this to say:
I hate that the media makes everything about race. It just fuels racism. Take the Standford swimmer who raped the young lady for example: He didn't get 3 months in prison because he is white, he got it because he is from a WEALTHY family. Example 2: OJ Simpson, who obviously was guilty of murder, but got off because he is WEALTHY. And that was a time when racism was a lot more of an issue. Stop relating sentencing to race, it's about money.
The following day, he offered up this:
There are three things political correctness won't allow you to be proud of: - Being white. - Being straight. - Being a male.
Not surprisingly, while Kirby did enjoy some support amongst his Facebook followers, he's also received a significant amount of criticism. Some of the latter portion has since taken to contacting FFAK's record label, Solid State Records, to express their displeasure. Kirby encourages those people to find their "safe space":
So people dislike my political views enough to tweet them to my label and complain about it. Saying I'm "spewing garbage." How about we have an intellectual discussion instead of you running to a safe space to hide from the scary opinions?

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