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Sheer Terror announces 'Bulldog Box Set'

Official press release: Graffiti-covered subway trains, the Crack epidemic, squeegee men… New York City was a very different place in the 1980's. But all that urban decay made the perfect breeding ground for a pack of groundbreaking musical movements that would take the industry by force. Lurking in its darkest back alleyways was the New York Hardcore scene with Sheer Terror at the genre's cutting edge. Founded in 1984, Sheer Terror melded the ultra-aggressive hardcore punk of Discharge and The Nihilistics with the rock-solid low-end of proto-metal behemoths Black Sabbath and Motörhead. At the center of their churning, sonic onslaught was indomitable front man Paul Bearer, his much-copied vocal style careening from the hoarsest of howls to a soaring baritone, delivering dark, literate, lyrics, informed by the classic country and blues themes of sin and regret. Starting with 1989's debut album Just Can't Hate Enough, and going deep into the next decade, Sheer Terror released a slew of classic recordings that influenced a generation of musicians, from Pantera to Hatebreed. Now, after years of being out-of-print, pioneering NYHC label Blackout! Records will be making all Sheer Terror's original releases available again in a one-time only box set pressing of high quality colored vinyl and featuring tons of bonus material. This release will only be available by pre-order online and will not be in stores. Don't wait pre-order your copy now. A lyric video for the classic song "Cup O' Joe" has been created and is being is available for streaming here:
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The Sheer Terror Bulldog Box Set will include: - High quality colored vinyl pressings of the band's original LPs Just Can't Hate Enough and Thanks Fer Nuthin'. - No Grounds For Pity (Demos & Rarities) LP – First time ever vinyl pressing of their complete demos collection. - Expanded 12" edition of their Old, New Borrowed, and Blue EP with bonus tracks, including the legendary Live At CBGB 7"! - Unheard Unloved LP – Never before released alternate version of the Love Songs For The Unloved album, featuring rougher and more aggressive recordings. PLUS: - New Artwork by famed NYHC artists Wes Harvey & Sean Taggart. - Sheer Terror Bulldog Embroidered Patch. - Extensive photo and lyric book. - Reprint of Blackout! Records original album poster for Sheer Terror's Just Can't Hate Enough.

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anonymous 3/7/2016 9:45:11 AM

"WITH JESUS IN THE BACK DEAD OF A HEART ATTACK. WITH SATAN ON HIS KNEES I'M DOING AS I PLEASE...." fck YOU if you don't like SHEER TERROR. This was a time when you got beat the fck up for being a pssy or running your mouth.

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