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H2O guitarist Todd Morse quits band

New York hardcore punk outfit H2O has apparently lost the services of Todd Morse (guitar, vocals), who had been with the band for roughly two decades. In an interview conducted with prior to the release of the band's new album, Morse explained his departure:
"I officially resigned this year. They're about to do a new record and I just have so much going on musically. I'm trying to move most of my time towards music that I'm into now, as an older guy. It just wasn't honest for me to do another H2O record. Hardcore is a special thing that you don't want fake. I just didn't wanna fake it anymore. It was a twenty year run with H2O. I wrote a ton of songs with them. I'm proud of everything and I'm proud of them. And I'm sure that the new record's gonna be great."
Morse is currently a touring member of The Offspring.

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