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Zao to release new album in 2016

Zao has been tracking material for a new full-length off and on for more than a year. While it has been slow going, progress is indeed being made on the band's first new album since 2009. In a new update, the Zao says that all of the music has been tracked for the LP, which will feature thirteen songs. Here's the official word:
"General recording updates. All of the music is tracked for the new album. There are about 13 songs set aside for the full length (one of which is 'Xenophobe' --- which has been given new vocals and will have a new mix). Dan has been popping into the studio once a week and putting down 2 songs a day. about 4 to go. Then Scott will add his vocals, and we will begin the mixing process. The remaining 5 songs from the session (not including 'Fear Itself') will be finished up with tracking as well for some as yet decided future use -- 7 inches, EP... don't know yet). You can probably expect the new full-length album middle of 2016 (rough estimate)."

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