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Suburban Scum removed from Back To School Jam

As a result of the sad situation involving Crosscheck drummer Tom Alderson and the subsequent accusations swirling around members of Suburban Scum and Heavy Chains, Suburban Scum will no longer be performing at the forthcoming Back To School Jam. Additionally, Suburban Scum vocalist Ryan Taylor (aka Karebear) has stepped down as co-promoter of the event. It appears that pressure from Back To School participants Trapped Under Ice, Code Orange, and Lifeless, among others, led to the changes. Here is a statement from Gregory Falchetto:
"So the last week has been one where a tornado of Chinese whispers, regarding a situation that only a handful of people truly know anything about, has developed and over-shadowed shows, fests and bands that have a passion for hardcore, friendship and standing up for what's right. "We have both decided that Karebear will step down from his position as co promoter of this show. Also Suburban Scum will no longer be playing and a replacement will be added ASAP. "It's important to state that Karebear did not jump anybody - and him stepping down is by no means an admission of any kind from his behalf but is out of respect for all involved. This situation should not overshadow the hardworking bands that are playing or the excitement about the return of one of the best modern HC bands, Trapped Under Ice. An important aspect of hardcore is about coming together and turning the negative into positive. With that being said this show will now be a benefit for Tom Alderson and ALL the money made from ticket sales will be donated to him. Plus Lifeless NLFTW will once again be apart of the Back to School Jam lineup. "Myself nor Karebear condone the actions that led to Tom's current position and hope that this sends a clear message that the correct steps are being taken to make this situation right and to ensure that the truth will surface. "We truly hope that Tom has a very speedy recovery."

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