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It Dies Today drummer confesses to alcoholism

Nick Mirusso, drummer for Buffalo, New York metalcore band It Dies Today, has now publicly acknowledged his lengthy battle with alcoholism. Mirusso had the following to say:
"Just wanted to take a moment and share for those who aren't aware, that I'm an Alcoholic. Today marks 2 years into my recovery from Alcohol and drugs. For a long time, I struggled with Alcohol dependence, absolutely lost, and careless. Without getting into too many details, addiction took over my life and I never thought I would see 30. I am truly grateful for everyone who has taken the time to back me, and be there to show tremendous support, family and friends. Long story short, I am currently on the path to a credential in Substance Abuse counseling, and leading a Secular Sobriety group at an inpatient facility in Buffalo. Addiction has become a serious problem among us, and needs to be addressed. I'm taking this opportunity to help spread awareness that addiction is not a lack of will power or character flaw, but a chronic brain disease that can be treated. I'm happy to help anyone in need, struggling to find themselves, and take back control of their lives. Feel free to email me at And as always, thank you all for being f*cking awesome. We love you. \m/"

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