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Upon This Dawning says ex-drummer "used" them

Upon This Dawning drummer Christopher Deets unexpectedly quit the Italian band this week, sending a text message to his bandmates just days before the start of their U.S. tour dates with Ice Nine Kills et al. The group has issued the following:
"We just wanted to tell you that because of our ex-drummer Chris Deets, we won't be able to do the first three shows of the IX Lives Tour. We'll join the tour in Pittusburgh and we are so stoked to party with you guys! "Yes, Chirs left the band a few days ago completely out of nowhere with a text message and blocked our numbers so we can't reach him. This is not some 'we wish him the best' kinda thing, this guy only used us to get a little bit of notoriety and then left us in a really hard situation a few days before tour. "We don't wanna get into details and talk shit about him, we just thought he was a friend besides our drummer but turned out to be a huge disappointment as a human being. "We do have a fill in drummer ready to kill it on stage though, so no worries! We can't wait to be back in the states and hang out with you all!! See ya in a few days America!"
UPDATE: Deets has now responded with his own statement and explanation regarding his departure. You can check that out here.

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