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Agnostic Front invites fans to video shoot

Agnostic Front will be shooting a video for their song "Old New York" on Friday, April 24 in New York City. Here's the official word:
"Attn: family, friends, and family firends... call in sick to work on Friday. We're shooting a video for the song 'Old New York' off of our new album this Friday, April 24th and we need as many people as we can get. We're meeting at The Zerega Ave, stop on the number 6 train (in The Bronx / uptown platform) at 10:00am. Plan to be a few minutes early rather than a few minutes late. This video is going to be EPIC (as they say) and once it's said and done you'll be mad at yourself forever if you miss your chance to be a part of it."

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