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Slaves guitarist "ditched in Texas"

New Slaves rhythm guitarist Jonathan Wolfe has apparently already worn out his welcome with the band. In a now-deleted Facebook post, Wolfe claims that he was "ditched" by his bandmates this week in Texas amidst Slaves' current tour.
"The best April Fools prank was the one where I filled in for Slaves for a week and then ended up getting ditched in Texas with no luggage and then had to pretend to go home to recover so they wouldn't get put on blast. Hahahahahahah oh wait, that was real."
We're not sure if the following Tweet from Slaves frontman Jonny Craig and Instagram post from Wolfe himself are related, but it sure seems likely:

Inspired tweets

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UPDATE: Over the weekend Slaves guitarist Alex Lyman weighed in with his perspective, which obviously doesn't jive with that of Wolfe:
"I could get used to all this bad press from people who have no idea what they're talking about, really helps pass the time on these long drives. "Btw I nicely spoke to Wolfe multiple times face to face, we couldn't find him or get a hold of him the night we left him, after the fact we got him a flight and hotel arranged, and he wasn't left solely cause he didn't load. He sucks to have around which is the reason every band he's played for has fired him. Everyone in the van got along except for him for many things we shouldn't even have to explain. "We hired someone and they didn't work out after speaking to them professionally multiple times so we professionally got them a hotel room and a flight home after spending 30 minutes not even being able to find him or get a hold of him. "Bottom line is he was fired for being un organized, egotistical, a very bad performer, annoying, a bad vibe in the van. We fired a hired gun and flew him home and he got butthurt and turned to the Internet. This happens all the time I don't see why there's an article on it?"
UPDATE #2: Wolfe has now responded to Lyman's remarks with a statement of his own.

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