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Metalocalypse creator: Adult Swim said 'no'

Dethklok It looks as if fans of metal-themed animated television series Metalocalypse will not be seeing anymore of the show on the Adult Swim network, where it has aired since 2006. Last spring series creator Brendon Small said that a fifth and final season was in pre-production and that he was simply awaiting a budget from the network. Somewhere along the line, however, Adult Swim apparently changed their mind. Small explained:
"For those complaining about lack season 5. Was a network decision- I wanted to do it as a final big mini series. They said no. True story."
On a positive note, Small seems confident that fans haven't heard the last from Dethklok (see the Tweet below).


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anonymous 3/16/2015 11:28:05 AM


anonymous 3/16/2015 12:10:40 PM

kids who drink Mt. Dew excessively are not stoked

draco_malfoy 3/16/2015 1:20:45 PM

Corpsegrinder is not stoked

anonymous 3/16/2015 1:36:27 PM

I am not stoked. That hour long opera episode sucked though

anonymous 3/16/2015 2:28:47 PM

Meh. Shit ran its course.

anonymous 3/16/2015 2:31:53 PM

Cartoons are for sissies

anonymous 3/16/2015 2:43:14 PM

that show is just not funny

anonymous 3/16/2015 3:48:22 PM


OrgCore 3/16/2015 5:22:33 PM

Venture Brothers is great.

anonymous 3/16/2015 5:53:28 PM

seth rudesill looks like the character on the far left, but fatter

anonymous 3/17/2015 7:56:22 AM

YAAAAY No more metalocalypse or Deathklok. BRING BACK HOME MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous 3/17/2015 8:34:37 AM

C-c-c-here I am! Oh wait. Dr Rockso is done? Come on baby! I neeeed it!

anonymous 3/17/2015 10:54:23 AM


anonymous 3/18/2015 1:13:44 AM

How about a Metalocalypse videogame?

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