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Trapped Under Ice to return this year

In a new interview with Angel Du$t on Absolute Punk this week, vocalist Justice Tripp provided a brief update regarding his other band, Trapped Under Ice. Two years ago, the Baltimore hardcore outfit went on what they called a "lengthy hiatus." Fortunately, it appears that said hiatus will soon be ending. Here's what Tripp had to say:
People really want to know what the status of the Trapped Under Ice hiatus. Are you guys coming back this year? Definitely. We've been getting together and writing music, we all write separately as well and put it together. We have a lot of song ideas, we have three songs that are completely done already. We've thrown around ideas for recording, that's still in the air. I think we're going to record near the end of the year, and I think I'd anticipate that coming out before the Angel Du$t record does. We're going to do some shows - it won't be till later this year, but it'll definitely happen. Will you guys be actively touring? Or will it be an off again and on again type of thing? We'll do fun shows here or there, do a weekend run on the East Coast, do some fests. We're all very focused on all the bands we're doing, Angel Du$t is my priority. Turnstile is going to be so busy in the next couple of years, like I said, that record is so fucking great, and they have so much potential. I love doing Trapped Under Ice, but that record they just put out is too good not for them to see its full potential, and shove it down everyone's throat.

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