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Petition launched to bar Attila from Skate & Surf

Calling the band "homophobic," one New Jersy resident has launched a petition to prevent Attila from performing at the newly announced 2015 Skate and Surf Festival, slated to take place in Asbury Park, NJ in May. Here the pitch:
Last year, the legendary Skate and Surf Festival returned to Asbury Park after ten years away. While the man behind the scenes, John D, has the city's best interest at heart, he has made careless mistakes when booking certain performers. Last year, upon moving the festival to Asbury, the city required he remove the hip hop artist DMX from the bill, citing homophobia in his music. This year, a band called Attila is on his festival's lineup. This band makes frequent use of the word f****t as a slur and acts as this is not harmful. I fear that, while the punk community is generally very accepting, this band will bring a crowd of people that will overall intimidate people and make the large LGBT+ community that may be at these shows feel threatened and unsafe. I urge the city of Asbury Park to consider asking John D and Skate and Surf to remove the band from the bill. Thank you.
Countering accusations of homophobia amidst a Twitter dust-up with Senses Fail's Buddy Nielsen in October, Attila frontman Chris Fronzak had the following to say:


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Meatyd 12/19/2014 12:03:04 PM

Atilla's fans are all fa.ggots. What's the problem?

anonymous 12/19/2014 12:03:50 PM

What a crybaby

sandpaperseatbelts 12/19/2014 12:04:08 PM

ghey in a major way. The fest and music i mean. nobody cares about the actual buttmad queens.

anonymous 12/19/2014 12:05:31 PM

seth rudesill is not stoked

anonymous 12/19/2014 12:12:16 PM

Elysia is stoked/not-stoked.

anonymous 12/19/2014 12:14:39 PM

lmfao have fun with that theres MILLIONS of attila fans haha

anonymous 12/19/2014 12:19:33 PM

Why not just stay home if you don't like a performing artist? No matter who... People are becoming too touchy and jump at the first chance to raise havoc and be 'heard' Aren't we passed being whiny buttholes as humans yet?!

anonymous 12/19/2014 12:19:37 PM

get em the fck outta here. they're shitty anyway.

anonymous 12/19/2014 12:26:20 PM

Wait Attila aren't gays?? That's the real headline

anonymous 12/19/2014 12:27:23 PM

signed. fck fronz

anonymous 12/19/2014 12:29:51 PM

The real problem here is Attila being a band.

anonymous 12/19/2014 12:31:09 PM

Why do people hate on Attila so much, just enjoy the fcking music you like. no need to hate on other hard working bands. I am a proud Attila fan and Fronz is the man, when I met him he was one of the coolest, most down to earth guys ever.

anonymous 12/19/2014 12:46:27 PM

^ I remember sucking my first dck.

genghisjohn 12/19/2014 12:59:06 PM

They should be barred from existence

anonymous 12/19/2014 1:00:30 PM

Motion for a petition to ban Attila from being a band.

cgrind3000 12/19/2014 1:02:42 PM

I don't think of gays as "gays," but this whiner is being the biggest gay of all time.

cgrind3000 12/19/2014 1:03:29 PM

OK, so I guess you can't type the word f4gg0t on here... Nice going, F4Ggoat...

anonymous 12/19/2014 1:23:08 PM

^Delete your account for this site

anonymous 12/19/2014 1:25:21 PM

Petition to try Attila for crimes against humanity by releasing all of their garbage albums. May their fans be drawn and quartered. Chodes.

anonymous 12/19/2014 1:28:59 PM

Praise Attila... Gives them even more publicity. gays doing gayy shat and wonder why people call them gays.

anonymous 12/19/2014 1:30:01 PM

F4gs doing F4ggoty shat

anonymous 12/19/2014 1:36:43 PM

I performed at SkatenSurf last was seriously a ghost town..this whole LBGT eccentric thing that is happening in music is fkng gay. Who caressssssss

anonymous 12/19/2014 1:37:08 PM

Gays are the new fundamentalist Chrisrians. Toughen up, ya queer.

anonymous 12/19/2014 1:49:46 PM

Attila is basically ICP. A bunch of Clowns who write music for trailer park residents.

smokeweedhailsatan 12/19/2014 1:55:46 PM

"I am a proud Attila fan" hahahahaha

anonymous 12/19/2014 3:07:10 PM

this band will bring a crowd of people that will overall intimidate peoplethis band will bring a crowd of people that will overall intimidate people this band will bring a crowd of people that will overall intimidate people this band will bring a crowd of people that will overall intimidate peoplethis band will bring a crowd of people that will overall intimidate people this band will bring a crowd of people that will overall intimidate people

Formally_RideTheSnakexxx 12/19/2014 3:19:15 PM

Believe me, there will be no one at skate and surf that's intimidating. Except for maybe the cops.

anonymous 12/19/2014 3:54:28 PM

^Loves the c-ck....^

anonymous 12/19/2014 4:01:48 PM

Using the gay stuff to get a shitty band banned. I like it

anonymous 12/19/2014 4:16:07 PM

Guys just spell it gayget. Sure you'll get some gaygets trying to correct your grammar, but that's even more hilarious

anonymous 12/19/2014 4:16:47 PM

Hahahaha nvm it corrects to gayget

anonymous 12/19/2014 4:56:36 PM

This is what we do in the US, we sit on the internet and buy shit off amazon while browsing the internet for shit to tweet about how outraged we are over feelings getting hurt. Take your mentally fragile perpetual victims and "safe spaces" and fck off LBGTBBQ "community"

anonymous 12/19/2014 5:05:57 PM

I think in today's society the word "gay" is becoming equivalent to calling a black person the "N" word. It would not be cool if a band was using the N word in such a casual fashion and to be using it for shock value / publicity at the expense of the LGBT community. I understand the petition, but at the same time who cares if you're gay and you need to stop being offended by this.... No one takes Attila's lyrics seriously enough for his use of the word to be a legitimate threat

anonymous 12/19/2014 6:49:33 PM

Attila should be banned because of the music they make. The festival should be shut down because they booked Attila. I now should kill myself for writing about "Attila" . I hope this is not like Beetlejuice. FML!

anonymous 12/19/2014 6:50:31 PM

Attila looks like they get beatd by dudes nightly.

anonymous 12/19/2014 6:55:45 PM

Jason Tate is outraged and arguing with 14 year olds about this on absolute punk

anonymous 12/19/2014 7:46:07 PM

Emmure should be on this

anonymous 12/19/2014 7:50:21 PM

a bar is where they'll be laughing about this & all the butt-hurt people that get easily offended over nothing. typical white people first world problems. also jason tate is a little bitch boy

anonymous 12/19/2014 8:31:09 PM

Unfortunately this just brings more press to that stupid band. It should also be pointed out that, for a lyricist, Fron(ball)zac doesn't know proper English. He ended a sentence with a preposition. Ooooooooooh

anonymous 12/19/2014 8:33:26 PM

^ or a period. fck that guy and dumb fcking hand tatoos. My gay friends wanna butt fck him without his consent and then kill him. Verbatim. Their words, not mine.

anonymous 12/19/2014 8:41:06 PM

Do you guys think Groot gets morning wood?

anonymous 12/19/2014 9:19:27 PM

Lambgoat, just stop posting about this band. Please, ever since you sold out this site it seems like this band's name keeps coming up. They are a vile, untalented bunch of bullshit artists. Stop giving them press. -This post is brought to you by 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and Bath & Body Works

anonymous 12/19/2014 9:20:17 PM

2014 the year of the Offended

anonymous 12/20/2014 12:01:16 AM

Petition to try Attila for crimes against humanity by releasing all of their garbage albums. May their fans be drawn and quartered. Fully backed hard.

anonymous 12/20/2014 3:40:16 AM

he looks like ronnie radkes bastard gaychild

anonymous 12/20/2014 5:07:01 AM

Aren't gays allowed to use that word?

anonymous 12/20/2014 5:14:34 AM


anonymous 12/20/2014 7:00:56 AM

You n.iggers need to shut up about these jotos.

anonymous 12/20/2014 7:09:08 AM

Oh no. Better not offend members of the LBGT community who "may" be in attendance. And while on the topic, why are we as a society having to choke down the acceptance of the LBGT lifestyle? Whether by god's will or your own choice to be the way you are, don't tell me I must accept you. I could be a white supremacist, a radical muslim, or a goth - it doesn't mean the world must accept my looks or my views.

anonymous 12/20/2014 7:21:31 AM


anonymous 12/20/2014 8:25:22 AM

Wait, these gays are worried about being intimidated by Atilla fans in Asbury Park? Nevermind the fact the city is a crime infested shithole lets be offended just to start a petition and pretend like we have some sort of moral cause. And you wonder why people hate you.

anonymous 12/20/2014 8:28:28 AM

Also, let it be known that Atilla can't be homophobic when that band sucks as much D as they do.

anonymous 12/20/2014 8:37:08 AM

sage sage sage. sage sage. Wait, why do you think I'm racist?

anonymous 12/20/2014 8:43:52 AM

Attila sucks anyway. They became famous from MTV made lol. It's also funny that he makes the comment of "washed up bands". Attila is beyond washed up and trailer parks everywhere are super stoked.

anonymous 12/20/2014 9:16:10 AM

don't judge the gays by what some butt-hurt bunch of politically correct jerks with a petition think. Most gays could give a sh*t about crap like this, and certainly wouldn't lose sleep over a useless band like this. there is a major difference between a gay and a f4ggot

anonymous 12/20/2014 10:23:08 AM

guess the gayzilla never called him back

anonymous 12/20/2014 12:54:19 PM

Can we just ban Attila from life? Does anybody really listen to this shitty party metal bullshit?

anonymous 12/20/2014 2:42:13 PM

Fronzak looks like a fat lesbian dyke so he'll blend right in with the Asbury carpet munchers.

anonymous 12/20/2014 6:38:58 PM

I'm gay and could give a fck less that a shtcore party "band" uses lyrics on par with the Insane Clown Posse or that Down Syndrome wigga kid I remember from 9th grade. Grow a pair, you butt-hurt Social Justice try-hards. I can just see them scouring the internet, chomping at the bit to be offended by something they find. You whiney btches make all of us look like we lose our shit when a 20-something doucher says "f4ggot".

anonymous 12/20/2014 7:28:26 PM

Just stop paying attention to bands like this. Hopefully they will go away.

anonymous 12/21/2014 7:56:08 AM

Hey, gay from Attilla! Hot Hot Heat, Reel Big Fish and Atreyu used to think they had shit all figured out, too. When's the last time you heard anyone talk about any of them??? In 12 months, you'll look about as relevant as a fcking Nelson cassette. Can't wait until you chudlords wind up scrubbing bathrooms in a Long John Silver's somewhere in Hoboken.

anonymous 12/21/2014 9:20:34 AM

It would be much easier for the activist homosexuals to leave New Jersey. Go to San Francisco with the rest of the communist gays.

anonymous 12/21/2014 9:58:12 AM

This petition is so gay it makes me look straight. Go petition something that actually matters not on some band that uses words that your butthole couldn't handle. fckin fgts.

xburnfacex 12/21/2014 8:04:29 PM

I'm gay, I suck d1ck and I lick buttholes and I also use the word "f4ggot" in my daily vocabulary. Who cares? Petition something that matters. Band sucks tho.

anonymous 12/21/2014 11:33:30 PM

That band sucks. Should be banned from playing shows.

anonymous 12/22/2014 5:56:08 AM

The band should be kicked off because they suck not because they use a fckin word.

anonymous 12/22/2014 6:25:01 AM

Nick Jett is not stoked

anonymous 12/22/2014 6:50:19 AM

Psh, Attila couldn't get a job at that Long John Silver's in Hoboken. That place is classy.

anonymous 12/22/2014 9:24:14 AM

and if you ain't a ho get up out my traphoooooouse

anonymous 12/22/2014 10:12:42 AM

giving this bullshit any kind of press is just begging for people to go sign it just because Atilla fcking sucks lol. atilla, new jersey, skaters, LGBABCQBT's, surfers, people who listen to any music at all, John D, Chuck D, Deez Nutz...all parties involved are super ghey. fck this.

anonymous 12/22/2014 10:23:03 AM

Reading these comments makes me worry about the future of society.Nothing but a bunch of terrible, close minded, ignorant, and uneducated group of people.

anonymous 12/22/2014 12:52:10 PM

redd's apple ale

anonymous 12/23/2014 4:37:27 AM

"MILLIONS of fans" yet the band cannot manage to move 92k units total of all their albums combined worldwide? Great fans

anonymous 12/29/2014 12:25:42 AM

Funny. He's the one in a washed up band nobody cares about.

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