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Gideon bassist quits band

Alabama hardcore/metal band Gideon has seemingly parted ways with bass player Timmy Naugher. Speculation began when the group started posting photos from a recent video shoot, one of which showed the band without Naugher. In the interim, we've done some digging and word on the street is that Naugher has quit the band. UPDATE: Well, that didn't take long. About an hour after we posted this news, Gideon released the following statement:
"Our original bassist, Timothy Naugher has left the band. "He got an awesome job, and wants to live a 'normal dude' life, it is as simple as that. He is still one of our best friends, it could not have been any cleaner of a break. Touring in a band is not easy work. We are always away from our homes, with almost no consistency in our life, but because of you guys its all worth it! "We have a fill in lined up for our next tour and will not be taking bassist auditions at this time. Thank you guys for your support!"

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