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God Forbid dispels Byron Davis rumors

New Jersey's God Forbid have finally addressed the recent rumors regarding the supposed departure of vocalist Byron Davis. Here's a statement issued by the band: "In an effort to dispel the flurry of rumors floating around, God Forbid would like to announce that Byron Davis is still the lead singer of the band. First, we would like to apologize for our silence since these rumors began circulating. We've been concentrating solely on writing the best material possible and refused to be sidetracked in any way. We are all really excited about the new songs. In fact, we feel stronger about this material than anything we've done before. You can expect things to get a bit heavier and with more groove than anything on Determination. This will be a new beginning for us and we don't think any of you will be disappointed." Davis himself described the situation this way: "Recently there were some differences of opinion amongst the band that led to some rumors being spread and since then things have been settled. God Forbid are now striving for a new level of complexity with less boundaries and we are now more focused than ever. We promise everyone that this will be a record well worth the wait." Meanwhile, God Forbid has been quietly working on their next album for Century Media Records. The band will be entering the studio in May to begin recording, and the album should see a fall release.

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