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Metal Blade to release Cancer Bats album in March

Official press release: Following the announcement of their brand new album Searching For Zero – Canada's finest – Cancer Bats are finally able to announce that the album will be available in the US on March 10th, 2015. Metal Blade Records has launched pre-orders for the album digitally and physically, including limited CD and t-shirt bundles. Fans can order now at North American tour dates for 2015 are being scheduled and will be announced soon. Recently, Cancer Bats launched the video for the single "Satellites" online. The beloved multiple-JUNO nominated hardcore-punk-metal band fifth studio album features 10 tracks and is available for pre-order right. The iTunes version of the album will include two exclusive tracks titled "Kill Me Please…" and "Rust and Bone". Produced by legendary multi-platinum producer Ross Robinson (At The Drive-In, Slipknot, The Cure, Sepultura, Glassjaw) Searching For Zero is simultaneously the most melodic, yet menacing Cancer Bats release. The record incorporates the crude hardcore punk of their 2006 debut, Birthing The Giant and more metal leanings of 2008's Hail Destroyer, while pushing the heavy hybrid sounds of 2010's Mayors Bears Scraps and Bones and 2012's darker Dead Set On Living to a new plateau. The choruses are hookier, the screams more savage, the riffs more vicious, the songs more powerful. This is Cancer Bats at their pinnacle – their "True Zero." Inspired by both Robinson and their metal idols Black Sabbath, whom they cover extensively under their alter ego, Bat Sabbath, the 10 songs that make up Searching for Zero boast a more raw and organic tonal signature than any previous Bats release. Robinson brought a bare-bones aural aesthetic to the material, capturing a sound that unites the thrashy metal-tinged hardcore of the bands previous releases with a meaty lo-fi intensity, found only in their live shows amongst the sweaty masses. The melodic elements both musically and vocally were inspired by the bands love and admiration of Black Sabbath. "In learning all those Sabbath songs, I ended up having to figure out how to really sing," laughs lead vocalist Liam Cormier. "In the studio Ross was the one really pushing me to use that new voice I had discovered." Thematically, Searching For Zero comes from a place of heavy contemplation for its creators, and at times, that contemplation grew grim and dark. In the end, the result is an acceptance of the realities that come with pursuing a passion, leaving Cancer Bats with a reinvigorated drive to do right by themselves and the people that have followed them this far. "We were coming out of what was a really heavy year for all of us, with a lot of challenges, non-stop touring and the deaths of people really close to the band. With all of these things we've had to deal with this past year, we were all at the point of saying "No More Bullshit", we've dealt with everything, nothing is standing in our way," Cormier explains about the headspace he shared with his bandmates. "We've found our absolute zero, where there can no longer be a negative, and from that point, everything moving forward can only be positive" And that positivity – that willingness to change what you can and let go of the rest – is the source of resolution. "There are real reasons we do this," Cormier says assuredly. "We love being in this band, and we love the people that we're lucky enough to share this with." Searching for Zero track listing: 01. Satellites 02. True Zero 03. Arsenic In The Year Of The Snake 04. Beelzebub 05. Devil's Blood 06. Cursed With A Conscience 07. All Hail 08. Buds 09. Dusted 10. No More Bullshit 11. Kill Me Please… ** (iTunes Exclusive Track) 12. Rust And Bone ** (iTunes Exclusive Track)

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