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Vice calls out Traitors for dropping tour

If you read our news section last night, you may have noticed that Florida band Traitors dropped off their U.S. tour with Desolated, Vice, and Benchpress less than a week into the trek. The group cited "personal issues and unforeseen circumstances" for their departure. Clearly, Traitors' actions didn't sit well with New York hardcore band Vice, who, just hours later, took to Facebook to vent. While Vice didn't explicitly name Traitors, it was obvious whom the target of the following diatribe was:
"We don't stand for being fake or getting anything handed over and fed from a silver spoon. Don't care what fucking genre you play, do a tour, don't complain, and eat shit like every other band starting out has to. Even established bands still do. I can't stand cry babies. Play your instruments and shut the fuck up."

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