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Coliseum recording new album

If you read our news item this morning regarding the theft (and subsequent wreck) of Coliseum's van, you already know that they're in the studio. The group hadn't previously revealed where they were or what they were doing, but since we mentioned that the theft took place in Baltimore outside producer J. Robbins' studio, I guess we ruined the surprise? Anyway, Coliseum has now officially confirmed that they are in the studio with Robbins recording a new full-length that will hit streets next year via Deathwish Inc. Here's what Coliseum had to say:
"Hello everyone, thank you so much for your concern about us and our van. We are all fine and our gear was safe in the studio. We are having it towed from the city lot to a collision center to have the damaged assessed. It doesn't look as bad as we expected but it still may be totaled. It looks like insurance will cover a lot but we aren't sure yet and of course there are many other costs and headaches involved. "We are very hesitant to ask for help or donations. We appreciate the good will but also realize there are countless other people in need and other difficult situations that may arise for us personally and collectively in the future. If and when we truly need your help, we may ask for it. It's good to know that the positive energy we've sent out also comes back to us. "We hadn't planned on making a full announcement about this yet, but the cat is certainly out of the bag now; we are currently recording a new full length album with our collaborator, friend, and producer J. Robbins. It will be released in 2015 on Deathwish Inc. and despite this frustrating problem we are very excited about these new songs and having a truly wonderful time in the studio. "Thank you for your support as always."

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