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Suicide Silence details past drinking, drug abuse

In a new interview with Alternative Press, Suicide Silence guitarists Chris Garza and Mark Heylmun opened up about their binge drinking and drug use prior to and amidst the untimely death of frontman Mitch Lucker in October 2012. Garza described their reputation:
"We were the 'party band.' On tour, the other bands would come to our bus [to get wasted]. I made it a point to drink as much as possible, every night. When you're drunk all the time, you really don't give a fuck about yourself, let alone the people around you."
He also admitted that his drinking had a profound effect on his memories (or lack thereof) surrounding the release of the band's The Black Crown album:
"The drinking grew along with the size of the band. Before I knew it, I was getting blackout drunk every night for months at a time. The whole period up through The Black Crown is all a blur for me. People ask me about different stories from the road, or even about Mitch, and I get really pissed off at myself, because there's so much I don't remember."
The excess continued right through Lucker's death and its resulting memorial show. Heylmun says he "can barely remember putting the show together":
"I was under so much post-traumatic stress. I hardly even remember playing. I was all over the place. I had no idea what I was going to do. I was trying to sober up. All I knew was I had a big monkey on my back, as far as drinking and consuming different things, for three years straight."
Fortunately, both Garza and Heylmun were able to confront their issues head-on, and begin their road to recovery in 2013. You can read the details of their transformation here.

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