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It Dies Today seeks donations for van repairs

Reactivated Buffalo, NY band It Dies Today has encountered some unexpected problems as they gear up for their September tour dates. Here are the details:
"Ladies, Gentlemen and friends, with typical IDT bad luck fashion, the unexpected has happened. No we haven't disbanded, and as of now the shows are still on. However, the van we are supposed to use needs $1800 worth of work done to be driven safely to see you guys at these upcoming shows. Unfortunately, we don't have the support of a label anymore and honestly can't afford to fund the repairs ourselves given our current situations. We very very much dislike having to be in a position such as this asking for help, but if anyone CAN help us at all, or be willing, your donation will be humbly accepted through PayPal using this email address: [email protected] We will give back to all of you as much as we can, for being so generous. We are still grateful to even have a group of you amazing folks support us for so long.. Thank you all! We love you!!"

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anonymous 9/3/2014 6:19:43 PM

"Ladies, Gentlemen and friends, with typical IDT bad luck fashion, the unexpected has happened." If your bad luck is "typical" then why would anything shitty happening to your band be "unexpected"? fck off and die. Your band sucks dck.

anonymous 9/3/2014 10:06:51 PM

Lol is this the van they did their last tour in like 04'in? Jeez loosen the purse strings, you've all got grown up jobs now (I hope)

anonymous 9/4/2014 7:44:09 AM

$1800 divided by 5 is $360. If each member throws that amount on their credit card they're all set, just worry about it after the tour. If you honestly can't pay off $360 in 3-6 months there's something wrong with you as a functioning adult.

RickRock 9/4/2014 8:01:11 AM

^ Dude...*one* credit card would cover this. These dudes have no business touring if they can even clear $25k, let alone $1,800.

anonymous 9/4/2014 8:41:13 AM

Five grown ass adults can't cover $360 each? Bet they thought they could pay for gas with gummy bears and boners.

anonymous 9/4/2014 9:16:00 AM

Aren't they getting like 1500 per show? Stay retired!

anonymous 9/6/2014 5:47:47 PM

Imagine how much money they'd have to pay for vans if they didn't turn into jerkoff sell-outs once they signed to trustkill. There was a time when they'd make twice that in one night. Nose...dive.

anonymous 9/11/2014 10:49:20 AM

The whole begging whatever fans you have left for money to help you tour is so pathetic. Youre grown ass men. you cant afford $400 each to pay for repairs. DONT TOUR! Even if youre getting paid peanuts on the road, youll be able to recover the money by the time the credit card comes in the mail. PATHETIC.

anonymous 9/22/2014 8:37:07 PM

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