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Quell mapping out Summer tour

Newest Goodfellow Records signee Quell is currently in the process of booking a Summer tour. The tour will run through most of July and along the way they'll be joined by Bodies In The Gears Of The Apparatus and (for select shows) The Young And The Useless, Into The Moat, and Ion Dissonance. If you can help with any of the dates below, send an email here. 7/5 South Carolina w/ TYATU, BITGOTA, #12 7/6 Atlanta, GA w/ TYATU, BITGOTA, #12 7/7 Jacksonville, FL w/ BITGOTA, #12 7/8 Orlando FL w/ BITGOTA, #12 7/9 Tallahassee FL w/ TYATU, BITGOTA, #12 7/10 Mississippi w/ TYATU, BITGOTA, #12 7/11 New Orleans, LA w/ TYATU, BITGOTA, #12 7/12 Baton Rouge, LA w/ BITGOTA, #12 7/13 Little Rock, AR w/ TYATU, BITGOTA, #12 7/14 Memphis, TN w/ TYATU, BITGOTA, #12 7/15 St. Louis, MO w/ TYATU, BITGOTA, #12 7/16 Chicago, IL w/ BITGOTA, #12 7/18 Traverse City, MI w/ BITGOTA, #12 7/19 Detroit, MI w/ BITGOTA, #12 7/20 Cleveland, OH w/ BITGOTA, #12 7/21 New York w/ BITGOTA, #12 7/22 Massachusetts w/ BITGOTA, #12, ITM, ID 7/23 Connecticut w/BITGOTA, ITM, ID 7/24 New York w/ BITGOTA, ITM, ID 7/25 New Jersey w/ BITGOTA, ITM, ID 7/26 Pennsylvania w/ BITGOTA, ITM, ID 7/27 Richmond, VA w/ BITGOTA, ITM, ID 7/28 Winston-Salem, NC w/ BITGOTA, ITM, ID

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