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Traitors robbed in St. Louis; blame promoter

Floridian downtempo hardcore/metal outfit Traitors had their van broken into outside the venue Fubar in St. Louis, MO last night. Relieved of "personals and instruments," the band says that they may be unable to finish their current tour. Here's the official word:
"Our van was just broken into at Fubar in St.Louis after we were promised security for our van by the promoter. Lost a ton of our personals and instruments. Not sure if we can finish this tour, if anyone could help us out it would mean the world to us. Thank you all. Paypal:" Traitors van broken into
Obviously, the band is not too thrilled with the show promoter. And while most of Traitors' fans are wholly supportive, a few believe that the band is partially responsible after making their touring vehicle overly conspicuous and recently posting multiple photos of said vehicle via social media, such as the one below. Traitors Facebook complaint Traitors van and trailer
UPDATE: Despite the theft, Traitors now say that they will continue the tour: "We are hurting very bad financially but our fans mean the world to us and we won't let this stop us so we will be finishing all the dates of the tour."

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